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​The Priority of Silicone Hoses in Mainstream Transportation


Silicone Hoses For Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Beyond!

Combustion engines are a common design of heat engines that are found across a wide variety of transportation vehicles such as trains, airplanes, boats, and ships. They operate when fuel is ignited using pistons and turbines, and then the fuel and air mixture transmits as exhaust.

Silicone hoses are vital to not only how these vehicles operate, but also to the people around them because they help contain and prevent dangerous particulate emissions of benzene, arsenic, and hydrocarbons from escaping into the air.

At Flex Tech, it’s important to have the right silicone hose for the industry you’re in. Learn more about silicone hoses in mainstream transportation today.

Environment and Machinery

There are specialized silicone hoses that meet the demands of each industry’s environment and machinery — from the salt water of the ocean that boats sail on to the high temperatures that are created from trains on the railroad track. Each vehicle is different and needs specific silicone hose parts such as high temp silicone hoses, silicone vacuum hoses, and silicone coolant hoses.


Flex technologies craft silicone car hoses for radiators, water systems, coolant, intercooler, connections, breather systems, and more to preserve the strength and rigidity that comes with high negative pressures, while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to the constant dynamic changes between the air filter and engine.

The modern car and race car rely on fluorocarbon- and fluorosilicone-lined silicone hose products for a proven performance every time.

Trains and Large Buses

Transportation vehicles such as trains and buses rely on low smoke, low toxicity (LSLM) silicone hoses for their industry. These hoses are made from a premium-grade silicone that has flame-retardant properties, so in the case of a fire, these hoses take longer to ignite and burn low smoke and low toxic fumes.

These specialized hoses are typically denser and heavier than traditional automotive silicone hoses.

Marine Boats and Ships

The marine industry requires a particular grade of silicone that are oil- and water-resistant that are flexible for combustion engines on boats, ships, and yachts where the gas exhaust is water-cooled and mixed with the discharge of cooling water.

Marine silicone hose products include:

  • Silicone straight, bellow, and elbow hoses
  • High-temperature silicone hoses
  • Silicone humps
  • Other Industries

Apart from mainstream transportation, there are a number of industries we serve that operate on a large scale and require high-quality silicone hoses.

Wind Turbines

Both wind-powered generators and wind-powered machinery implement silicone hoses. Silicone is the ideal material to use in the wind turbine industry because it has a long lifespan and will not split, rot, fade, or crack.

Flex Tech produces high-performance silicone hoses designed for the wind turbine industries where conditions are more demanding and require a specialized hose, apart from traditional rubber hoses.

Power Generators

Power generators produce a lot of energy, and with it, a lot of heat. Because of their high output, they require hoses that are reliable and with the ability to operate at high temperatures. Because of the extra heat power generators emit, specialized silicone hoses are needed to accommodate specific shapes, lengths, and diameters.

Silicone hoses are the leading choice for power generators because they are malleable and outlast traditional rubber hoses.

Industrial Machinery

Industrial machinery including agricultural and forestry equipment needs high-quality silicone hoses to carry out everyday operations that can withstand engines running at high pressures and temperatures, with large air intakes, coolant systems, and turbochargers.

Flex Tech can accommodate industrial machinery by creating a silicone hose that meets the unique demands of larger equipment. From thicker silicone walls to other reinforcements, we have a solution.

Choose Flex Tech for your transportation and industrial needs!

Flex Tech offers a variety of silicone hose products including silicone elbow hoses, silicone hump hoses, and silicone vacuum hoses to sustain large combustion engines that have specific needs where traditional rubber hoses can’t perform.

Our core values at Flex Tech are integrity, teamwork, client care, innovative technology, operational excellence, and ongoing education to better provide your industry with solutions from silicone hoses.

We go beyond OEM standards and deliver customized silicone hoses with options including custom 3D shapes, integrated heat shields, oil- and chemical-resistant liners, printed clamp position guidelines, and beyond.

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