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From Flex Technologies

Performance Silicone Materials For All Your Outdoor Products

Silicone is implemented into a wide variety of outdoor goods and apparel because of its durability, versatility, and the ability to provide a set of specific characteristics to recreational products.

From formulations that provide UV protection, enhanced breathability, and scratch resistance to a greater strength and waterproofing capabilities, many outdoor products depend on silicone for its performance qualities.

Partner with Flex Technologies to develop the perfect silicone blend with custom silicone compounding and the textiles you need through our custom silicone calendering.

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Where Is Silicone Implemented In The Outdoor Industry?

• Performance Clothing
• Hydration Packs
• Fabrics For Tents & Other Equipment
• Recreational Accessories

Silicone is the preferred material of choice in the outdoor industry, and it’s widely found in more products than you may even realize! If you’re in the outdoor industry and you’re looking for an innovative way to enhance a product with silicone, reach out and connect with Flex Technologies today

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Manufactured Silicone Extrusions To Your Exact Requirements

Silicone provides a solution for just about every application in the outdoor and recreational industries because of innovative coating techniques that can be applied in textiles and fabrics. Flex Technologies can use their expert experience in extrapolating the perfect silicone compound with physical properties and characteristics for your products. Silicone can coat nearly every type of fabric, it just takes an understanding of the different chemical substrates and what your desired result is.

Outdoor Clothing & Gear

Outdoor adventurers depend on products that can withstand the harsh elements of the great outdoors, and they’re often a lifeline that keeps them safe and protected. From an abrupt rainstorm to an exposed section of a trail with relentless UV rays, silicone grants peace of mind.

How far does the reach of silicone really go? Silicone is likely found in more outdoor products than not.

• Tents
• Parachutes
• Jackets
• Shirts
• Pants
• Bandanas
• Hats
• Backpacks
• Shoes
• Helmets
• Hammocks
• Camping Chairs

Got a product that could use the durability and flexibility of silicone? Flex Technologies can help get you started!

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Properties That Improve Outdoor Products

Silicone provides the performance and quality that the outdoor and recreational industries need. Discover what silicone can do for you!


Have you ever noticed how beautifully rain and moisture will bead and run down a raincoat? This is thanks to a fabric-treated silicone material.

Silicone provides the leading waterproof capabilities for outdoor products such as rain flys for tents, jackets (both rain and snow), hiking boots and trail shoes, hats, and more.

UV Resistance

With special blends of silicone, outdoor products such as hats, bandanas, shirts, shorts, etc., are able to absorb short-wave UV light to not only protect the gear, but also the person wearing the gear.


Abrasion Resistance

When you’re outdoors, products that last are in high demand! Consumers don’t want to have to replace gear and would rather invest a little bit more money for a product that lasts.

Silicone provides abrasion resistance so outdoor enthusiasts can focus less on worrying about if they damaged their gear in a fall, and more on the adventure at hand.


Cyclists and runners alike hate when their arm or leg warmers slip — not only is it annoying, but it can also increase chafing while reducing performance!

Silicone tapes can be placed to hold leg and arm warmers in place, for an overall better grip and optimized performance.

Develop & Innovate With Flex Technologies

Flex Technologies serves a variety of different sectors, including the outdoor industry to provide you market-oriented solutions that innovate and expand your products.

When customers rely on the safety, performance, and effectiveness of outdoor clothing and gear, silicone provides a breadth of versatility and diverse application options to improve the durability and longevity of the products you make.

To learn more about how silicone can level up your inventory, connect with Flex Technologies today!