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High-Performance Textiles Begin With Silicone

Performance fabrics and textiles are developed to enhance and keep up with our everyday lives to promote comfort, functional efficiency, and safety.

Silicone is the chosen material because of its proven durability, versatility, and overall performance — it pushes the limits in what it can do and the solutions it provides to the textile industry.

Flex Technologies provides custom silicone calendering services to create lasting textiles that drive quality and performance.

Explore the role of silicone in the textile industry!

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Why Choose A Silicone-Infused Textile?

• Waterproofing
• Anti-Slip Capabilities
• UV Resistance
• Abrasion Resistance

Technical fibers and textiles have seen an increase in their demand, especially in consumer goods — from outdoor apparel and goods to household products, silicone plays a large role in the evolution of a wide range of products.

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Driven Performance, Unwavering Quality

The development and innovation of silicone technology plays a vital role in textile manufacturing.

Not only does it foster functional fabrics for a wide range of applications, but it meets the demands of consumers because of its indistinguishable characteristics including stain resistance, abrasion resistance, waterproofing, and so much more. Flex Technologies can better complement the needs of a modern lifestyle to produce both textiles and fabrics through silicone calendering.

The Applications Of Silicone Fabrics

Silicone is a widely used material in a variety of industries, and the use for silicone fabrics span far beyond clothing.

Technical silicone textiles are found in automotive for airbags and integrated into performance fabrics we see in our daily lives such as furniture, medical equipment, and the interior of cars. Silicone has widely become the material of choice for these applications because they’re both extremely durable and remain free of harmful chemicals and solvents that produce off-gassing.

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Clothing & Apparel

Most notably, silicone is recognized in a variety of performance fabrics. Silicone is blended to create abrasion resistance, better texture, and helps retain color. Silicone is also the material that lends to waterproofing in rain gear and shoes.

In sportswear, it enables clothing with designs that are more lightweight, breathable, and durable.

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Sporting Goods

More and more, silicone is being introduced to the sporting goods industry to elevate products, making them increasingly more functional and performance-driven.

Consumers and sports enthusiasts are serious about their gear — it needs to be reliable and stand up to the demands of various activities. From providing UV protection on trails and in the water to a fabric that is durable in all of the most extreme conditions.

When people are sailing, paragliding, skydiving, etc., they have to rely on silicone to deliver in safety and performance, otherwise, they are risking their lives on an inferior or potentially faulty product.

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Linens & Towels

Silicones help fabrics such as linens and towels retain their shape and color while improving the effectiveness and longevity of repeated washing and drying. Silicones help rinse away dirt and oil that are often trapped or suspended in fabrics not treated with silicone.

These fabrics stay soft, even with the daily wear and tear they face.

Level Up Your Textiles With Flex Technologies

Curious about the role silicone can play in your textiles? Flex Technologies delivers the results you’re after with our expert silicone calendering services. Work with our team of amazing engineers and scientists to develop the perfect textile that delivers the quality and performance you’re after.

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