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Silicone Hoses Are Well Suited for Sanitary Applications


Quality vacuum tubing is needed in many different industries that require a completely sanitary environment so as to not contaminate the fluids or other products being transferred. Hygiene needs to be maintained at every step throughout the entire process.

The good news is that silicone hoses are the ideal choice for any industrial, technical, or pharmaceutical application that requires an ultra-hygienic environment. Read on to find out why silicone vacuum hoses can provide you with the solution you’re looking for.

Meets High Media Purity Requirements

In applications where the contents flowing through the hose need to stay pure, without particles from the hose material leeching or leaking into the contents being transported, silicone is a great choice. Examples of industries requiring high media purity include water production and ultrafiltration.

Not surprisingly, the food and beverage industries require ultra-cleanliness in their product and ingredient distribution systems. In fact, these industries have among the highest standards possible in terms of hose requirements. Several types of silicone hoses can and do meet these stringent requirements and high standards. For consumers in general, this is especially good to know, because everyone wants to consume foods and beverages that have not been contaminated in any way.

When drinking water or any other beverage, for example, the consumer wants to taste the beverage, not the hose! Silicone hoses for vacuum tubing uses are inert enough to keep from contaminating water or other beverages.

When purchasing hose for any food- or beverage-related application, be sure to buy the right grade of hose and tubing that meets sanitation requirements and will give the consumer a pleasant taste experience.

Medical Grade Tubing

The making of pharmaceuticals requires a high level of sanitation so that contaminants do not inadvertently degrade the medications that so many people and pets rely on. Many types of silicone vacuum tubing are well-suited for medical, pharmaceutical, biomedical, and biotechnical applications. Medical-grade tubing meets cleanliness requirements; it also provides a nontoxic means of transporting vital ingredients needed for drug production.

What’s more, silicone vacuum lines can be manufactured and built to withstand high temperatures, which is an important consideration in the production of many types of medicines. The elasticity silicone is known for comes in handy in pharmaceutical production lines, as well as in research labs.

For Cosmetics

Another industry where it’s imperative to use the cleanest, least reactive parts possible is cosmetics. People who wear makeup apply these products directly on their skin, so it’s imperative that impurities do not enter the manufacturing process anywhere along the way. Silicon hoses lend themselves well to industries that create cosmetics.

Seals That Work

Whether for drinking water, food and beverage industries, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, or any other industry that demands high hygiene standards and a high degree of purity throughout the entire production and transportation processes, vacuum tubing systems with reliable seals are a must.

With silicone hoses, seals that work extremely well are very doable. Silicone hose-compatible parts can create tight, impenetrable seals that perform as desired under extreme conditions, including high temperatures, high humidity levels, and reactive chemicals. These tight seals preserve the integrity of the ingredients and products that flow through silicone hose systems, ensuring the highest sanitary standards are maintained.

The Outstanding Properties of Silicone Hoses

Now that we’ve gone over some of the important considerations in industries that require a high level of hygiene to be present, we want to review the outstanding properties inherent to silicone hosing and tubing in general. They include:

  • Manufactured and tested for compliance in a range of industries.
  • High temperature vacuum hoses can withstand extreme temperatures; some hoses can easily handle up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit continuously, while others are able to perform in temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Silicone liners can offer superior chemical resistance.
  • Excellent flexibility can be achieved for a variety of hygiene-stringent applications.
  • Varying colors are available to achieve important color-coded configurations.
  • Silicone can meet high media purity requirements.
  • Silicone vacuum hoses can be used for medical grade tubing.
  • Custom shapes and branched connections can be created.
  • Silicone is both strong and durable.
  • Complex distribution designs can be easily built using silicone, even in small spaces.

For these reasons and more, silicone is an excellent choice for all types of vacuum hose and tubing applications where sensitive materials are being transported and a high level of quality needs to be maintained for the liquids being transported.

Whether it’s drinking water that needs to remain pure while tasting good, ingredients for medicines in pharmaceuticals’ manufacturing where impurities cannot enter under any circumstances, or cosmetics that need to be ultra-hygienic for the safety of the end-user, silicone hoses meet the stringent sanitary requirements that are a must.

Turn to Flex Technologies for Quality Silicone Hose Products

Based in California, FlexTech has been providing top-quality silicone hose solutions to a wide range of industries since 2003. Companies rely on us to deliver the parts they need and, when required, to develop custom solutions that perfectly fit the needed application.

We have a highly skilled technical team that regularly works with customers to develop specialized solutions to meet demanding requirements, including health and hygiene. When you need to maintain purity in the products transported through your vacuum tubing system, even in the presence of high temperatures, turn to the silicone hose specialists who are ready and willing to help! Pick up the phone and reach out to us today.

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