Welcome To Flex Tech

Welcome to Flex Technologies — delivering world class silicone hose products with customized supply chain solutions, engineered to enhance performance for our diverse customer base. Where many silicone hose suppliers have long lead times — upwards of five weeks — for standard products, Flex Technologies maintains among the most comprehensive inventories in the US. We carry up to three months of stock for many of our customers, which means, the product is ready when you are. Explore over 600 SKU’s, and in most cases, product can be shipped the same day the order is placed.

Flex Tech Silicone Hoses & Tubes

Here at Flex Technologies, we are dedicated to providing the best quality product that we can, and at an affordable price. We've been in the industry for years, and realized early on the importance of market globalization. Because we've tailored our company for global manufacturing from the beginning, we are able to process huge orders across the globe with an extremely high rate of customer satisfaction.