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​What Is Food-Grade Silicone?


Many industries use food-grade silicone in manufacturing, but what makes it different?

Flex Technologies crafts a broad variety of silicone hoses across many different industries. Each industry differs and requires specific features, making their customization key to its performance and reliability.

Food-grade silicone hoses are just one of the many customization options your industry can choose at Flex Technologies. Learn more about food-grade silicone in today’s post.

Getting To Know Food-Grade Silicone

Food-grade silicone is the premier type of silicone used in food and beverage production because it’s non-toxic and doesn’t contain any byproducts or chemical fillers.

The silicone molecule is formed from silicon, oxygen, and other compounds, adding to its benefits and contributing to its non-porous and smooth surface. Where other materials such as rubber lack, food-grade silicone stays flexible and supple.

But, isn’t silicone plastic?

Many industries and consumers worry about silicone being in the plastics family — and how that can impact products and health — but food-grade silicone is BPA-, BPS-, and phthalate-free, making it an unmatched choice in the food and beverage industry.

How is silicone safe for food?

Food-grade silicone is made without petroleum-based chemicals (BPA, BPS, fillers, etc.), so it’s safe to transport food and beverage products without it leaking or degrading over time.

The Integrity of Food-Grade Silicone

Food-grade silicone has a myriad of benefits, but what really stands out is its integrity. It has the ability to last a very long time (longer than all other materials) without compromising any of its characteristics.

Food-grade silicone is able to remain durable under extreme temperatures, does not absorb or transfer odors or tastes(non-stick and non-staining), and maintains its flexibility and malleability throughout its lifespan.

Industries That Use Food-Grade Silicone

The food and beverage industry most commonly uses food-grade silicone hoses, but biotech and pharmaceuticals also use this special grade of silicone.

Food Applications

Food-grade silicone hoses are used in the production of so many of the grocery items you know and love. Just think, every ketchup bottle or baby food squeeze pack has to be transported somehow — this is largely done through food-grade silicone hoses.

Beverage Application

From dairies and breweries to large beverage companies, food-grade silicone hoses are integral to their production. Even down to every soda machine in fast food restaurants — each one houses food-grade silicone hoses to transport the pop from the machine to your cup.

Flex Technologies Manufactures Food-Grade Silicone

Improve your yield and set the highest standards by implementing food-grade silicone into your operation. Not only does it have a high temperature rating and exceptional sealing properties, but it is also the number one hygienic choice for the food and beverage industry, resisting residue buildup while remaining odorless and non-toxic.

Flex Technologies can help customize your food-grade silicone hose products. It’s never a one-size-fits-all approach with us, but instead choose the exact size, shape, and color of what your industry requires.

Partner with us today for an unrivaled quality food-grade silicone hose!

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