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Flex Tech OEM Capabilities





Over the years, we have earned a solid reputation for innovation and design services. We welcome industry challenges and embrace the opportunity to provide long-term meaningful solutions to our important customer base. We have expanded our specialty manufacturing capabilities to include the following:


Custom 3D Shapes

Flex Technologies can produce any custom shape imaginable. With current tooling for nearly 2000 custom hose designs, chances are we may already have what you need. If not,  our in house tooling and fabrication department can quickly and effectively design and develop custom tooling to meet or exceed every detail expressed in your plans.


Step Down/Step Up Connectors

Allowing customers to connect pipe work with different outside diameters.


Integrated Heat Shields

Custom integrated heat shields are permanently bonded to the hose which can allow the unit to be positioned as close as 10mm from extreme radiant heat sources.  Contact Engineering for details.


Oil & Chemical Resistant Liners

Fluorosilicone and Fluorocarbon liners are available on any of our high performance products. These liners provide superior Oil/Chemical resistance.


Branch or “T” Connectors

This option allows a connection within coolant or air systems for integrating temperature or pressure sensors.


Flanged End Fittings (Integrated V Band Connections)

For applications where extreme turbo pressures or quick disconnect requirements exist. This is a “clampless” connection system which aids in rapid OEM assembly.


Radial/Axial Location Features

A small notch is cut into the actual hose to allow precise positioning with the mating tube and to aid in quick OEM assembly.


Controlled Axial and Radial Flexibility

Integrated humps, rings or other flexibility enhancing features which maximize Axial and Radial flexibility and ease installation of slightly misaligned tube ends.


Printed Clamp Position Guide Lines

Printed clamp guide lines which assist in correct clamp positioning in assembly


Material And Finished Goods Testing

This year, we have expanded our testing capabilities to include in house material and finished goods validation.

These services are available to all Flex Technologies customers. We are pleased to share some of the new testing capabilities below:


Current In House Raw Material Testing Capabilities Include:


Specific Gravity


Coolant Immersion

Oil Immersion

Tensile Strength & Elongation

Tensile Strength & Elongation at Break

Tear Strength




Current In House Finished Goods Testing Capabilities Include:

Heat Aging

Coolant Immersion

Oil Immersion

Burst Testing (Fluid and Air)

Dynamic Life Cycle Testing (Simulated Turbo and Cooling Systems)



Bend Radius

Radial Expansion


And many more…


Flex Technologies will continue to push the envelope of what is possible. Our commitment to continuous improvement encompasses a great many things including our Equipment, Processes, Materials, Facilities, Training Programs and most importantly, our relationship with you, our Valued Customer. We sincerely look forward to working with you.