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5 Reasons Silicone Hoses Are Great For Auto-related Applications


Many Automotive Applications

There’s a lot going on under the hood of your car. There’s also a lot going through your vehicle’s frame while remaining invisible to the eye. Fluids need to be transported throughout your car for it to keep running and for the engine to stay cool and lubricated. What’s more, heated and cooled air needs to finds its way into the passenger compartment.

Even if you’re not thinking about these things as you’re driving around town (and why should be thinking about them?) you rely on all these systems to work properly, keeping your car operating optimally and keeping everyone inside comfortable and safe. You can thank silicone hose manufacturers for their part in keeping your car engine and other important systems running. That’s because silicone is the preferred medium for many of the hoses connecting the various working parts that make up your car.

Read on to learn why silicone is a great choice for automotive applications.

Available In Bright, Shiny Colors!

If looks matter to you, and you want what’s under the hood to look shiny, bright, and clean, you’ll be happy with all the beautiful colors and textures that silicone hoses come in! Hues preferred by engine buffs include red, blue, and black, all in smooth, lustrous finishes. This may be a minor point to some people, but for those whose vehicles are their pride and joy, colors matter!

They Resist Corrosion

Silicone hoses for coolant and other fluids have a very important property: they hold up well, being resistant to corrosion even when caustic chemicals flow through them. Silicone may not be able to handle all corrosive chemicals, so check first with the manufacturer if you’re not sure it’s suited for your particular application. Silicone is resistant to lower levels of corrosion, such as what you’ll find in engine coolant.

A silicone radiator hose is fairly easy to install or replace, looks great (we’ve already established that looks matter under the hood!), and can be held in place securely with the right type of hose clamps.

Not only do silicone coolant hoses work well for standard automobile engines, they’re also great for huge diesel trucks and massive heavy equipment. Think about that the next time you drive by a large truck on your cross-country road trip!

They Withstand High Temperatures

Different types of silicone hoses serve different purposes; there are certain hoses that are designed and built specifically to withstand very high temperatures. Many silicone hose products can easily handle up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, even for continuous operation.

Specialty hoses can tolerate temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit! Needless to say, in the hot environment of a car engine, this is very useful.

They’re Flexible Enough To Fit In Tight Spaces

There’s not much room in an engine, and very little room in the crevices inside the vehicle’s body and frame. To be able to fit connector hoses in these cramped spaces, it’s important for the hose to be flexible enough for bending without snapping.

Silicone hoses are known to be flexible. Whether for general automotive use, or in manufacturing and industrial applications, they’re a great choice when you need to connect parts and systems but there’s just not very much room to do so.

Strength And Durability

Silicone coolant hoses, and other variations of silicone tubing, are resistant to many environmental factors, as well as physical stressors. Here’s a partial list of what silicone hoses can readily resist:

  • Cracking from excessive force or vibration
  • Aging — silicone is very durable
  • Physical pressure, since silicone is flexible
  • Moisture, including steam
  • High temperatures
  • Corrosion from a wide range of chemicals
  • The sun’s sometimes damaging rays

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that silicone hoses are the preferred tubing medium of choice for a wide range of automotive applications.

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