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​6 Benefits Of Becoming A Silicone Hose Distributor


Elevate your business and partner with Flex Technologies today!

If you’re in an industry that frequently uses silicone hoses such as automotive, industrial production, food and beverage, and beyond, it may be worth your while to consider becoming a distributor of Silicone hoses with Flex Technologies.

Flex Technologies is the leading manufacturer of silicone hoses industry-wide. Explore the benefits of becoming a silicone hose distributor in today’s post.

Elevate Your Business Through Silicone Hose Distribution

No matter the size of your business — from a small local automotive business to a large pharmaceutical corporation — becoming a silicone hose distributor provides unique benefits that can help keep you competitive, relevant in your industry, and improve your ROI.

Better Service

Are you in an industry where silicone hoses play an integral role but you’re constantly referring customers to us? If this is the case, why not provide better service to your customer base by partnering with us? It’s truly a win-win, symbiotic relationship — your customers still get amazing quality silicone hoses, but you’re able to support your business in this distribution partnership.

Rapport is built with your customers and they get better service in a one-stop-shop for all their silicone hose needs.

Market Experience

No one knows your industry, thus the market, as you do. Sure, Flex Technologies serves a wide range of industries, but only you know how to sell efficiently and most effectively to them. You know the nuances of how our silicone parts and pieces work and will be able to share this knowledge to best promote and sell silicone hoses.

Improved Sales

Naturally, when you’re able to offer another collection of products, your sales will increase — you become more competitive in your industry and customers can rely on you for your comprehensive parts selection.

Shorter Lead Times

When you’re able to maintain a strong inventory of essential silicone hose parts for your industry, you no longer have to wait for these parts to be manufactured for every order, thus reducing the turnaround time for your customers. And, if you run out, chances are we’ll have the parts you need and can send them out immediately.

Drop Ship Customization

While most of your inventory will work for a broad range of your customers, sometimes you’ll need tailored silicone hoses that you don’t carry. Reduce the hassle of ordering them and having them shipped to your store, and have the customized silicone parts shipped directly to your customer.


Flex Technologies values our distributors and we are your biggest ally — we don’t just leave you alone to handle silicone hose issues on your own. You’re not just another number to us. If you have specific questions about sizing or applications, you get a direct representative to work with you and aren’t put through any communication nightmares from long phone call wait times to unanswered emails.

Flex Technologies supports you and we want your business to thrive!

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Partner with a company that allows you to better serve your customers while improving your sales when you become a silicone hose distributor.

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