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6 Benefits of Custom Silicone Tubing & Hoses


Flexible silicone rubber tubing is known for being extremely versatile and flexible. It is used in many industries, including medical, manufacturing, dairy, electronic equipment, automotive, and water filtration. It is long-lasting, resistant to temperature extremes and UV degradation, and it's cost-effective. Flex Technologies has been offering the best custom silicone tubing and hoses since 2003. Our mission is to make your processes easier with our tubing solutions. Below, we'll take a look at the benefits of custom silicone tubing and hoses, and we invite you to shop our selection today! 

More Flexible 

One cannot underestimate the advantage of flexibility, especially when it comes to manufacturing industries. The flexible characteristic of our custom silicone tubing ensures that the tubing won't break or stiffen, causing a loss of structural integrity. If your tubing is damaged and begins to leak, this could be disastrous for your machinery and your applications. 

Resistant to Temperature Extremes and Fluctuations 

As most of you know, the weather is unpredictable, and if you live in the United States, it can be extremely hot during the summers and cold during the winters. This temperature fluctuation has the potential to cause havoc on materials that expand and contract with the temperature. Custom silicone tubing and hoses are extremely resistant to these temperature extremes and fluctuations, making them less likely to degrade over time. 

Extremely High Strength 

Constant use of any type of material results in its eventual breakdown. For instance, the more you drive your car, the faster it will wear out. Custom silicone hoses and tubing are designed to be strong and have an extremely high tensile strength, which is the maximum load that a material can carry before breaking. This characteristic ensures our custom tubing and hoses can withstand high stress, high traffic industries, including manufacturing and food service. 

More Pliable 

Most of us know that rubber, when heated or cooled, can break. This breakage can result in a complete failure of parts or processes. Custom silicone hoses and tubing craft a more pliable product than regular rubber. This quality means it can withstand high pressures without breaking or tearing, resulting in cost savings and peace of mind. 

Smoother Surface 

Many industries and applications require a very smooth surface for its materials for ease of use, sanitation, and sterilization. From the medical fields and food service to analytical instrumentation industries, this characteristic of silicone tubing is exceedingly valuable and makes these processes easier, more versatile, and therefore, more impactful to others' lives. 

Longer Lasting 

When you invest in custom silicone tubing and hoses for your unique applications, the product will be tailored exactly to your needs. This will result in a better fit, which will ensure less wear and tear over the long run. You can expect this customization to lead to longer-lasting silicone tubing and hoses, leading to a lot of cost savings down the road. 


Flex Technologies has learned in our almost 20 years of being in business how to provide the best custom silicone hoses and tubing for your unique needs and applications. Since silicone tubing and hoses offer all of the aforementioned benefits, we can expand their uses to your cause, which then can impact untold numbers of people, making a huge difference in this world. By supplying the best products to our customers with superior customer service, we help to keep your operations running smoothly, efficiently, and helping to improve the bottom line. Get in touch for a custom solution, or shop our selection today!