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7 Things You Need To Know About Silicone Hoses


Silicone hoses are flexible, strong, durable, and applicable in many environments where other connectors simply won’t work. If you’re considering getting silicone hoses for your industry uses, take a moment to read our brief overview to familiarize yourself (or become reacquainted) with this useful technology.

Silicone Hose Measurements Matter

Before you place an order, find out if the hoses are sold per item or by length. Don’t get confused by measurement units; if you expect that you’re ordering silicone hoses by the foot when, in fact, they’re sold in inches, you’ll be quite surprised when your shipment arrives and it’s not what you expected! Always check on the measurements and length options before completing your order.

Testing To Ensure Compliance Is Important

With such a wide range of silicone hoses available on the market today, you want to make sure that the hoses you order have been tested and are in compliance with industry standards. Depending on your applications, you may require more rigorous testing. Find out what sorts of compliance testing the silicone hoses you’re thinking of buying have been put through before you make your purchase.

Not All Hoses Can Withstand High Temperatures

Silicone hose manufacturers make many different types of hoses for different uses. If you need hoses made from materials that will hold up in temperature extremes, you need to carefully check the specifications. It would be a disaster if you used silicone hoses that melt in your high-temperature environment. Always check the recommended temperature ranges.

Liners Are Available For Greater Chemical Resistance

Depending on the types of fluids that regularly pass through the silicone hoses you’re using, you may see quicker degradation of these hoses than you had hoped for. Always check to see if the hose you’re buying will hold up to the rigors of the fluids and chemicals that will be flowing through them; for example, how well will a particular type of hose respond to specific oils and fuels? At Flex Technologies, we offer fluorocarbon and fluoro silicone liners that can be used with our hoses for added chemical resistance. If you plan to use our silicone hoses for oils, fuels, or potentially corrosive liquids, check with us first. We’ll guide you to the right solutions that will keep your system running without interruptions for as long as possible.

More Colors Are Available Than The Standard Ones

With many companies, your standard silicone hose colors are black, red, or blue. However, if you need a different color, whether for aesthetics purposes or for practical reasons (such as, to match your company’s technical color coding methods), it is possible to special order custom colors. Flex Technologies is happy to work with you; if you have a specific color scheme in mind, get in touch with us, and we’ll let you know if it’s doable.

Silicone Hoses Offer Numerous Benefits Over Rubber

These are just some of the benefits you’ll see when you use silicone hoses instead of rubber:

  • Able to withstand higher temperatures.
  • Offers greater flexibility.
  • Better at resisting weather extremes.
  • Is more resistant to various chemicals.

For a wide range of applications, silicone is the better choice!

Custom Solutions Are Available If You Can’t Find What You Need

Yes, custom silicone hoses are available! At Flex Technologies, we employ a team of designers, engineers, and other technical specialists who focus on creating the customized solutions you need for your particular application and environment. If you need custom solutions, reach out to us and we’ll put our engineering team to work for you. You can send us your CAD drawings, PDF files, and any other relevant information, and our technical specialists will get to work creating customized solutions for you.

Turn To Flex Technologies For Your Silicone Hose Requirements

We are one of the top industry experts on silicone hoses and can address your many questions, including what’s available, hose specifications, common uses, and possible new applications. If you’re wondering whether or not your particular needs can be met through silicone hose pipes and connectors, get in touch with us. Our technical staff will review your information and get back with a detailed response. Flex Technologies is dedicated to bringing you the solution you need, and if off-the-shelf parts just won’t do, we’ll customize a solution that’ll work for you. Reach out to us today!