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​An Ode To Tractors


It’s not every day we tip our hats to the backbone of agriculture!

Tractors are undoubtedly the backbone of our agricultural system — they perform a wide variety of roles, namely saving time and energy, producing large amounts of food for the communities — and nation — they serve.

Flex Technologies provides silicone hoses to tractors to enhance farm operations and extend their longevity. Learn more about the importance of tractors in today’s post.

Where Would We Be Without Tractors?

Without tractors, the modern farmer would be subject to spending a good deal of money investing in specialized farm equipment for the different tasks they encounter — needless to say, tractors are versatile and do much of the farming from this one vehicle.

Not only do they save money, but they save farmers time — time that they can spend improving their crop yield and cultivating more food so that we can stock on our shelves with fresh produce.

4 Different types of Tractors

Tractors are modifiable to fill many different roles in agriculture. Let’s explore a couple of common tractors you’ll encounter on the farm.

Orchard Tractor

An orchard tractor has a slim and compact design with protective coverings on the wheels and powertrain to safeguard both the trees and tractor.

They’re famous for their slight design because most crop trees are planted in narrow rows and you need the maneuverability to operate these fields.

Utility Tractors

Utility tractors are one of the most widely used types of tractors primarily used for pulling auxiliary equipment including tillers, threshers, harvesters, and hay cutters, in addition to being used in construction with attachments for dozing, breaking, and trenching.

Utility tractors are a great investment for farmers who need an all-in-one tractor to carry out a number of jobs.

Row Crop Tractors

Row crop tractors assist farmers in planting rows of crops, but it’s quite an all-around tractor that can handle the capabilities of pulling seed drills, ploughing, leveling, and harrowing. These tractors provide great ground clearance and they’re fairly easy to operate.

Row crop tractors can be an investment and are vital to most farm operations which makes them a necessity, but definitely worth the initial cost because of their broad functionality.

Industrial Tractors

Industrial tractors move away from farm use and are used in more industrial pursuits for pulling heavy loads and lifting heavy materials. Also known as tuggers, these tractors can be fitted with cranes and used in construction or building new farm structures.

Our nation and modern agriculture were forever changed with the inception and innovation of the tractor. Farms were able to thrive and produce more and cover more ground in a much shorter amount of time — less labor was needed and the horse could easily be retired from working the fields.

From orchard and utility tractors to row crop and industrial tractors, contemporary tractors are robust feats that greatly support agriculture as we know it.

Silicone Hoses For Tractors

Flex Technologies can outfit your tractor with silicone hoses! Silicone hoses are the premier choice of material for tractors compared to traditional rubber hoses because they do not crack or become brittle. Silicone hoses stay soft and supple throughout their lifespan and last much longer than rubber.

If fewer hose replacements and saving money on tractor repair and maintenance sounds enticing, Flex Technologies has a solution for you.

With customized fitting options, integrated heat shields, oil and chemical resistant lines, flanged end fittings, and strict quality standards, our silicone hoses are perfect for your tractor that supports your farm.

Connect with us today to learn more about our silicone hose options!