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Best Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Silicone Hoses


You obviously want your silicone hoses to last as long as possible. So what are the best care methods in order to do so? Flex Technologies offers premium flex silicone hoses to meet your needs, including for use in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, manufacturing, automotive, refrigeration, and so much more. Below, we'll offer up some tips on the best ways to prolong the life of your silicone hoses. Order from us online today!

Keep Your Silicone Hosing Clean With Soapy Water

One of the best ways to care for your silicone hoses and tubes is with warm, soapy water. Warm, soapy water does not damage your silicone, leave any discoloration or residue, and it preserves the shine. Simply add the silicone to the hot, soapy water and let soak for about 30 minutes. You can also use a rag or soaking solution, and then rinse thoroughly.

Take Care Not to Twist Your Silicone Tubing

Silicone should be kept straight as much as possible. While our flex silicone hoses do have some give to them, if you twist them too much for long periods of time, they can develop kinks that may not come out. These can then impede the flow of fluids in the future.

Use Bleach to Disinfect

You can also use a bleach solution to help clean and disinfect your silicone tubing. Use unscented bleach and hot water, and then rinse. This will disinfect and be sure there are no lingering germs that you have to worry about, which is important if you are using flexible silicone tubing or hoses for home brewing or for medical applications.

Avoid High Temperatures

Silicone, being made from silicon or silica, which is derived from sand, can change if the temperatures become too high. It can become very soft and then be susceptible to cracking. It's a good idea to ensure your flexible silicone tubing is not near anything too hot.

Avoid High Pressures

Silicone can also change chemical composition when subjected to extremely high pressure. While it's common to use silicone tubing in tight spaces, just be sure it is not squeezed in-between heavier elements and machinery in order to preserve its properties and its structural integrity.

Store Silicone Tubing in Ambient Temperatures and Environment

If you order extra flexible silicone tubing from Flex Technologies for your needs, be sure to store it in ambient temperatures away from extremes. A space closet is perfect, as it is out of the sunlight and not subject to elements that can cause undue deterioration, such as excess humidity or abrasion.

Invest in Silicone Hose Maintenance

While silicone hoses are relatively maintenance-free, you should take some time every so often to inspect its condition and offer a maintenance service if need be. You should look for kinks, holes, leaks, and any other sign of damage so that you can offer a replacement as soon as possible.


Because silicone hoses have so many versatile applications, such as for use in auto detailing, dairies, aquariums, and home breweries, it's super important that you only invest in the best. Here at Flex Technologies, we have been manufacturing the best silicone tubing since 2003. We work diligently to provide the best for our clients so that they don't have to worry about our silicone hoses breaking or failing. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for tooling, manufacturing, and design services. Order our silicone rubber tubing online today!