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Creating A Custom Hose With Flex Technologies


Devise an industry-specific silicone hose product with us!

When it comes to silicone hoses, not all products are created equal. The quality and performance can vary from company to company — especially when they’re imported — and at the end of the day, most industries need a specific type of silicone hose products.

Flex Technologies manufactures both off-the-shelf and customized silicone products, however, we certainly don’t function as a one-size-fits-all when producing our products. As industries change and applications advance, the need for customized silicone hoses become standard, and we’re here to support the demand for industry-specific hoses.

When you partner with Flex Technologies, our processes are streamlined, but we’re a hands-on team that loves to interact with our customers. Explore in today’s post the process for customizing a silicone hose and how to get started!

Flex Technologies’ Hose Customization Process

If you’ve had a chance to peruse our silicone hose products and aren’t finding one that’s relevant or fitting to your industry, we can customize a product to your exact specifications at the same high-quality and affordability that our other silicone hoses are known for.

Silicone Hose Design & Development

If you’re in the initial prototype phase of developing your product, the design engineers at Flex Technologies can assist you. Get in touch today to start this process!

Original Blueprints, Drawings, & Specifications

Perhaps you’re using a traditional rubber hose and would like to upgrade to silicone or you have the specifications ready to implement for a custom hose.

The preferred method is CAD drawings or PDF files for customizations, but we’re able to develop a custom silicone hose from both mock-ups and physical samples you send in.

Working With Our Team

Once you’ve contacted us and we receive your hose blueprint, our engineers will work with you to understand what the hose’s application will be and to gather all of the details needed for the finished silicone product.

We’ll cover size, special fittings, temperature, chemical usage, material usage, where it’s going to be implemented, and much more. Our engineers offer guidance and suggestions for hose features that are pertinent to your industry.

For example, if you’re in the medical or pharmaceutical industry, our medical-grade silicone may be exactly the material you need. Or, if you’re in automotive or aerospace, fluorocarbon silicone hoses provide enhanced properties compared to standard silicone.

Silicone Hose Creation

Once your custom silicone product is finalized, it’s ready to be reproduced! Depending on the quantity you need, we can do a short-run should you need a larger quantity or plan to redistribute these custom hoses to others in your industry.

Quality-First Hose Customization

As with any of our silicone hose products, our custom-made hoses are subject to the same strict standards that we’ve built our reputation on.

From in-depth product testing — in-house material and finished goods testing — and ISO 9001 Certification for our quality and production to quick access to team members and start-to-finish production in our USA manufacturing facility, we offer the quality and performance that others can’t.

Start Customizing With Flex Technologies

Flex Technologies wants to hear from you! Get the silicone hose specifications you need when you contact us and start the process! Transform how your industry operates with the performance and durability of silicone!