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Creative Uses For Silicone Hoses And Tubing


Our hoses are found in a wide range of environments all around the world. You’ll find Flex Tech’s silicone hoses in car engines, from performance vehicles to ones that car enthusiasts rebuild in their spare time at home.

You’ll find them in processing facilities where everything from the makeup products worn by entertainers to the refreshing beverages enjoyed by consumers are blended.

Because they are flexible, durable, strong, and reliable, silicone hoses are found in airplanes and satellites, as well as in long-distance trucks and boats of all sizes.

These are terrific practical applications for our silicone hoses.

But what about some creative, fun, and even frivolous uses? Read on to learn about creative ways you can put our silicone hoses and tubing to use for some fun creations and eye-catching results!

Build A Splash Zone For The Kids

You’ve probably seen them in playgrounds and amusement parks. Your kids have likely played in them. Why not build a splash zone for summertime fun in your own backyard? Our silicone hoses can help you make it happen. Contact our technical team for help with your design.

Create Carnival Games

From mechanisms that launch soft ping pong balls, to contraptions that work like claw machines, you can incorporate our silicone tubing and hoses into creative at-home games for carnival fun any time of year!

How About A Backyard Jungle Gym?

If you are a fan of shows like American Ninja Warrior, you may have thought about building your own jungle gym in your backyard. Our hoses can be incorporated into your design to give you an unlimited selection of challenges to create! Contact us for ideas.

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Dancing Water Features

Similar to a splash zone, this idea is more of an art project! You, your family, and your guests can enjoy a relaxing dancing water display that moves and changes according to your specifications. If you want to beautify your yard with a stress-reducing water show, turn to our great silicone hose products.

Let Your Imagination Go Wild!

These are just a few creative ideas to get you started. What else can you create just for fun using our top-quality silicone hoses and tubing? Let your imagination take over and see what great ideas you can dream up!

Contact Flex Tech For Other Ideas

We are here to assist with all of your projects, whether for your business or home, and whether for practical applications or just for fun. Turn to Flex Tech to learn more about our quality silicone products and how you can make them work for you.