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Even More Great Uses For Sturdy, Reliable Silicone Hoses!


We stand behind our products and our ability to help clients from all industries around the world find the best, most efficient ways to use our silicone hoses and tubing. In today’s blog, we present even more great uses for silicone hoses!

Custom Medical Silicone Tubing

While we haven’t covered this application as thoroughly as we’ve discussed others, our silicone tubing is great for clinical settings. Whether it’s a hospital, a surgical center, or another type of medical facility, customized silicone tubing is a great choice for the following reasons:

  • It’s relatively inexpensive.
  • The material is nonporous, keeping out potential contaminants.
  • Its strength and flexibility lead to a sturdy hose that won’t easily tear or crack.
  • Silicone resists microbial growth, making it a sanitary option.
  • Color coding can be used to easily identify different hoses for different purposes.

Contact Flex Tech and ask us how our hoses can meet your medical tubing needs and your unique specifications!

Exploration Probes

There are places too rugged or remote to be safely explored by humans. In these instances, probes make good replacements. These machines come in all types, sizes, shapes, and configurations, and silicone hoses can be utilized in a number of ways. Our tubing products and hoses can circulate fluids, for example, or they can be used to vacuum up samples. Whether under the sea, atop a remote mountain, or in outer space, silicone hoses can resist the extreme conditions found in these environments.

Specialty Kitchens

From nitro brew coffee to desserts that are flash frozen, more and more restaurants are turning to novel ways to create the foods and beverages consumers enjoy. There is room for silicone hoses in these specialty kitchens. Our hoses are easy to clean and maintain, and they perform well in environments where sanitation is an important consideration.

Escape Rooms

Have you tried an escape room yet? It’s a newer form of immersive entertainment that involves working as a team to solve puzzles and ultimately escape the room. All types of themes are possible, from adventure to mystery, and the settings can vary from a log cabin to a tropical rainforest. There’s no limit to what escape room creators can imagine and build, and our sturdy silicone hoses can stand up to the rigors of escape room enthusiasts trying to escape a room!

Learn More About Our Quality Products

These are just some of the ways that our silicone hoses and tubing can be used for your specific applications. If you need help with customizing solutions, just reach out to our Flex Tech team today!