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​Exploring Silicone Calendering


Silicone products for your industry!

Flex Technologies is known for the high-quality silicone hoses we produce, but we also offer a myriad of capabilities that industries can readily take advantage of. If you’re developing a product or innovating a process, silicone calendering may help elevate its application.

Are you an industry that could benefit from swapping out traditional rubber products to silicone? Flex Technologies is a solution-based company that can help you solve concerns or opportunities your industry may face. Learn more about the role of silicone calendering in today’s post.

What Is Silicone Calendering?

Silicone calendering is a mechanical process that utilizes large rollers to press silicone into sheets that can be used in textiles, most commonly in fabric, cloth, cord, etc.

If you’re not familiar with silicone calendering, the fabrication process creates a different silicone product that is widely used today.

These heavy-duty rollers — typically consisting of two or more — create silicone sheets that run either vertical or horizontal, depending on their purpose. Different types of silicone calendering include steel cord calendering and fabric calendering. Within these types, you have fabric inserted processing or unsupported.

Silicone Calendering Applications

Calendering silicone can improve your industry’s products or processes, transforming production and providing you an innovative edge in business.


Frictioning establishes a premier adhesiveness where silicone is forced into the fabric weave. A three-roll calendering machine is used because the top and bottom rolls run at a much lower speed than the middle, promoting versatile speed intervals needed to create this specialized silicone material.

Topping (Skim Coating)

The topping process creates a well-fortified material where silicone is coated on both sides of the material, thus strengthening the material. A three- or four-roll calender is used in the topping process.

Profile & Embossing

Material embossing calendering is most notably seen in tire treads and as the tread in footwear. This type of calendering creates patterns on the material sheet producing embossed or profiled treads.


For a continuous sheet of silicone with a thickness of 3 to 4 millimeters, a two-roll calender can produce just that.

Premier Silicone Calendering From Flex Technologies

Flex Technologies can work with you from the initial design and concept of a silicone product to its fabrication and implementation. When you partner with us, we ensure the highest quality and performance of calendered silicone through the following:

Gauge Variation - Correct crowing, optimal working bearings, proper operation of roll bending and zero-clearance devices.

Roll Care - Optimal roll temperatures, adequate temperature control, and sufficient compound feed in the banks.

Fabric Care - Sufficient nip openings between rolls and proper compound viscosity.

Create An Industry-Specific Silicone Product Today!

Silicone calendering supports a broad range of industries by bringing new and innovative products to market and helping companies improve their processes through high-performance silicone.

Calendering is an old processing technology that is transforming today’s modern world through composite sheets, cloth, fabrics, cords, etc.

Is silicone calendering right for you? Connect with Flex Technologies to discuss calendering applications that may be right for your industry.