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Flexible Silicone Hose Uses In Aquatic Applications


Silicone hoses are useful in a wide range of aquatic applications, including ocean-related ones. Here are some of the ways in which silicone tubing and hoses come in handy in industries that involve water.

Ship And Boat Engines

You’ve probably heard that silicone hoses are great for car engines, including performance vehicle engines (such as race cars). You’ve also probably heard that they’re a good choice in aviation. It makes sense, then, that they’d also be great options for engines found in boats, ships, and other aquatic vessels.

What’s more, they are very useful as hoses that transfer fluids in other on-ship systems. From pools and showers, to equipment used to clean decks, silicone hoses enjoy many uses in ships and boats.

Ocean-based Oil Rigs

Heavy-duty, sturdy silicone hoses also have a place on offshore oil platforms, which are more complex than they look upon first glance. Offshore platforms come in a wide range of designs, including the following:

  • Fixed platforms anchored to the seabed
  • Flexible compliant towers with a pile foundation
  • Semi-submersible platforms that are buoyant but sturdy
  • Drilling rigs that can be jacked up above the sea
  • Tension-leg platforms that float but are tethered to the seabed

There are other types of offshore platforms as well, sporting a wide range of innovative designs. Platforms can include living quarters, showering zones, and deck cleaning systems, all of which can make use of silicone hoses for functionality and convenience.

Submarines And Other Underwater Vessels

One of the challenges of designing submarine systems is how tight the spaces are. A lot has to fit into tiny, cramped areas, and since the vessels are underwater, it’s imperative that everything works well in completely sealed compartments. Once again, silicone hoses are a great choice for these underwater applications.

Backyard Ponds And Pools

Whether it’s a do-it-yourself project or you hire contractors to build a backyard pool, pond, waterfall, stream, or other water feature to beautify your property and create a sense of serenity, be sure to integrate silicone hoses and tubing into the design. You’ll save money, and you’ll end up with a reliable system that holds up well under all kinds of weather.

Indoor Aquariums

Because silicone hoses come in different lengths, thicknesses, and diameters, they’re also really good for indoor applications, including aquariums of varying sizes. From home aquariums to commercial ones, silicone tubing can be safely incorporated into the construction.

Hydroponic Applications

One more excellent application for silicone hoses is found in hydroponics. This is a method of growing plants in a water-based solution instead of in soil. It enables plant growth in buildings, greenhouses, and locations where soil is not easy to come by or advisable to use. Silicone hoses are often found in hydroponic applications.

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