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Fun, Interesting, And Practical Facts About Silicone


Today’s post is all about the facts, folks. Not the facts of life per se, but more so the facts of silicone, as we noted in the title of this article. Our long-term customers already know that we at Flex Tech live, eat, and breathe all things silicone — not literally of course. But our point is that we are borderline obsessed with silicone hoses, silicone tubes, along with what our premium products can do for folks looking to upgrade their fluid transfer systems across the world. Whether you are looking to hotrod your muscle car with performance silicone hoses in a custom color or you are looking for a silicone vacuum hose for a completely different application, we want you to know that you can find what you need at an affordable price here at Flex Tech.

We’ve been in the industry for a decade and a half now, and our fifteen years of experience has seen us grow into a multinational silicone tube manufacturer. How have we been able to accomplish such a feat? Perhaps chiefly, we haven’t lost sight of our core principles: integrity, teamwork, customer focus, technology investment, operational excellence, financial responsibility, and organizational training are all vital characteristics of Flex Technologies Inc. Our entire organization has a passion for providing our returning and first-time customers with the same degree of care and excellence that has allowed us to become so successful as an international supplier of silicone hoses, tubes, and ducting systems.

Simply put, we will walk you through every step of the buying process, whether you are interested in a standard one-off purchase, a wholesale relationship, or a custom silicone hose for a unique project you have in mind.

Silicone Facts

As promised, we will now provide you with an assortment of interesting, fun, and practical (if not arbitrary) facts about silicone. Some of these you might find superfluous and banal, but others might literally change your life forever. How could something like that be so? Well, you’ve got to keep reading to find out.

  • Let’s start with a basic distinction: silicone is not silicon, and silicon is not silicone. Silicone is a synthetic substance whereas silicon is a natural chemical element that can be found on the periodic table (it’s the 14th element, in case you were wondering). Silicon, as it turns out, is one of the most abundantly found elements in the Earth’s crust, trailing only oxygen. It’s a metalloid, which means it contains both metals and nonmetals.
  • Silicone is a synthetic polymer that is comprised of oxygen, silicon (wouldn’t you know it), and other elements like hydrogen and carbon. It’s a plastic with some flexibility to it.
  • Silicone is used in a wide variety of applications (a fact that keeps us in business!). Due to its low levels of toxicity, capacity to resist high heat, electrical insulation, and relative cost-effectiveness to manufacture, you can find silicone being used in a great many industries.
  • Speaking of silicone uses, it’s often used in plumbing pipes, automotive parts, implants, bandages, contact lenses, cosmetic and personal care items, oven mitts, cookware coatings, electronic-product casings, and the list goes on.
  • In the energy sector, silicone helps better the performance, general efficiency, and durability of solar panels. Because the use of silicone helps solar panels last for many more years than alternative materials, its application helps improve the overall cost-effectiveness of using solar panels and photovoltaic devices.
  • Interestingly enough, silicone is being used in novel kinds of paint to enhance the durability of whatever building or vehicle on which they have been applied. This silicone-enhanced coating helps the paint endure extreme temperature changes, decreasing the likelihood of eventual cracking.
  • In the field of construction, silicones help with the building of both commercial and residential buildings. The use of silicone helps architects construct energy-efficient structures, whereas more common uses include utilizing silicone sealants and caulks to prevent harmful bacteria and moisture from taking hold.
  • We mentioned silicone being a part of many cosmetic and personal care products above, but do you know to what extent? From shampoos to shaving creams to lotions, sunscreens, and cleansers, it’s fairly commonplace at this point. The reason for this near ubiquity is that silicone, unsurprisingly at this point, improves the long-lasting nature of a variety of products, helping them keep their color, shine, or what have you. It even helps products with their “spreadability,” if that’s a word!
  • In the world of sporting goods, silicone has a presence too. The most common use of silicone is a remarkably practical one; it is used to seal goggles and diving masks. It’s also currently being used by innovators looking to develop new sporting apparel that is durable, water repellent, and lightweight — all while staying breathable. We might be a pinch biased here at Flex Tech, but using silicone for such purposes is a great idea in our book!
  • Silicone is so durable that many of the structural silicone sealants that were used in buildings over 30 years ago still maintain their credibility to this day!
  • The majority of silicone elastomers and fluids are recyclable. Of course, they last decades upon decades in most circumstances, so you don’t have to worry about throwing them in the recycle bin any time soon!
  • Some silicones can repel water while, remarkably, other silicones can absorb it.
  • Think of the most fluffy towels you’ve ever touched in your life. It was a life-altering experience, yes? Well, wouldn’t you know it, you have silicone to thank for such a velvety texture. The most fluffy towels made are done so with the addition of silicone to help them be especially absorbent and supple.
  • No matter the form of silicone being discussed, its properties let each kind of silicone be resistant to moisture, extreme temperatures, aging, and sunlight.

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