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​Helpful Tools and Equipment For Silicone Hoses


Make using silicone hoses effortless!

Each industry that uses silicone hose products has particular needs — silicone hoses aren’t always a one-size-fits-all application because every company has an environment and machinery that is unique to what they do.

Marine machinery needs silicone hoses that fit each nook and cranny of a large ship or yacht that’s subject to damp and humid conditions, while cars need a specific length of hose to accommodate fuel lines. Because no two uses for silicone hoses are the same, you’ll often find yourself having to cut and custom fit your silicone hoses to adapt to the specific needs of your industry.

Get the exact silicone hose specifications you need tools and equipment that will make the job so much easier! Learn more about helpful things that can streamline your silicone hose projects.

Creating The Perfect Workshop For Silicone Hoses

Working with silicone hoses is much like any other tinkering and tooling project — in order to get the job done right, you need the right tools at your disposal. Imagine trying to perform an oil change without a creeper to easily access underneath your car or jack stand to prop it up with, the same is true for fitting silicone hoses — you need specific tools and equipment.

Roll Beading Machine

A roll bead is the expanded metal on the end of tube metal that is important for securing silicone hosing that accommodates liquids or turbo pressures. This extra lip is an extra measure that can prevent silicone hoses from popping off.

If your industry works with liquids or high pressures, having a roll beading machine on-site will improve and streamline production. Roll beading machines can create a variety of roll bead diameters in seconds and are compact enough to be stored in a container the size of a briefcase for easy transport.

Silicone Hose Cutter

Scissors, pliers, and utility knives can all cut through silicone hosing getting the job done, but with one snip of hose cutters, you can effortlessly get the exact length of silicone you need in seconds.

With an easy, ergonomic grip, specifically designed hose cutters can cut through large and small diameters of silicone hoses. This is just one more way to make handling silicone hoses easier while improving productivity.

Silicone Hose Cutting Tool

This silicone cutting tool differs from the hose cutters because it’s a bench-mounted piece of equipment with the ability to cut silicone with internal diameters ranging from 1” to 6”. For a precise cut every time, consider a silicone hose cutting tool for your operations.

Enhance your operations with helpful tools and equipment for silicone hose!

Stop wasting time looking for the right tool to cut a silicone hose or roll beading on a metal connector tube. Instead, build a work space that can house all the tools you need to streamline your process, because the environment and machines used across industries vary greatly.

For more information about our silicone hoses and other specific tools you may for your industries, reach out and connect with us today.