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How The Flex Tech Engineering Team Can Help With Your Silicone Hose Designs


There are many great reasons to use silicone hoses in your industrial designs.

Our silicone hose products are built to resist high and low temperatures, operating smoothly even in the midst of temperature fluctuations.

What’s more, Flex Tech silicone hoses are durable, resisting radiation, ozone, sunlight, and many other potentially harmful substances and rays.

Our silicone tubing products are flexible and strong; they will bend without cracking, making them ideal for tight spaces and also for vibration-heavy applications. This is why they are the hose of choice in many automotive and aviation engines.

We understand that your design may need to be a full-custom job, and our technical people want to help. Here is a partial list of questions we’re available to answer. Use this list to help you get started, but don’t limit yourself! Bring us any technical or operational questions you may have.

Which Silicone Hose Products Are Suitable For My Application?

While we carry only top-quality products, you need to know that there is a wide range of specifications associated with each product. We carry silicone hoses that can operate without issue up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, but not all of our products are designed to work at such high temperatures.

So the first thing to do is come up with all of your specifications. What will the operating temperature ranges be? What environmental elements will the hoses be exposed to? How much vibration, pressure, and friction will they need to handle? How quickly will fluids or gases be flowing through the silicone tubing? All of these practical questions need to be addressed in order to come up with specifications. Once the numbers have been calculated, our technical teams can locate (or design) hoses that will meet your needs.

Of course, we can also help you come up with the calculations. Don’t hesitate to ask! You may be surprised just how technically savvy our teams are. We can even help you ask the questions that you yourself may not have thought of yet. The important thing is to get a dialogue going, and then we can assist with your technical needs and even do a good deal of number-crunching for you.

Which Dimensions Will Work Best For Me?

Silicone hoses come in different lengths and diameters. Will you need hoses with greater or smaller widths? You’ll need to figure out the ideal flow rate plus the volume of liquids or gases passing through the system you’re designing. These numbers and other calculations will determine the dimensions of the products you need to purchase.

How Will The Material Flowing Through Hoses Affect Them?

What, exactly, will be flowing through the silicone hoses you incorporate into your design? Are these substances caustic or corrosive? While silicone hoses are relatively inert and can handle many different types of chemicals and compounds, you’ll need to check with our technical team first to ensure that our products are compatible with your application.

Is Color Coding Necessary?

Our silicone hoses come in several different colors, and there are occasions when we can custom-make hoses in specific colors if your design requires a strict color-coding scheme. Figure out if you need certain hoses to be specific colors to avoid confusion.

What Can Silicone Hoses Connect To?

Your hybrid system will use a variety of components in addition to our quality silicone hoses. How will everything connect? You want to create tight seals to avoid leaks and other issues that may arise in the presence of connectivity problems. Feel free to ask us how to properly connect hoses to metal parts, and vice-versa.

Is High Purity Important In Your Application?

There are many applications where purity is exceedingly important. If you’re involved in any of the following, you’ll want to make sure that whatever’s flowing through your industrial-strength tubing will not be contaminated by the material the tubes are made of:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Water Filtration & Purification
  • Food Processing
  • Beverage Processing
  • Breweries
  • Wineries

In these types of applications, the products being manufactured and processed cannot be contaminated or affected by the materials they’re passing through. Silicone hoses are a great choice because they are inert, and they will not seep into the contents flowing through them.

What Other Questions Can You Think Of?

We can’t emphasize enough that at Flex Technologies, our technical teams are here to assist you! We want you to succeed. We are here to help you select the right silicone hose products. If you need a special design, let us help you. If you need silicone tubing solutions that don’t yet exist, we’ll design them for you!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and consult with our teams. That’s what we’re here for. We pride ourselves not just on being a top silicone hose manufacturer and supplier, but also on our technical expertise and high-level of customer service. Bring your questions to Flex Tech today!