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How to Tell if Your Refrigeration System Needs New Parts


We all rely on our refrigeration systems in order to keep our food cold enough to prevent the growth of bacteria and keep it fresher longer. In fact, if you think about the number of times you use your refrigerator on any given day, you'll understand its importance. Flex Technologies offers the best silicone tubing and hoses for many applications, including for refrigeration systems. Below, we'll go over ways you can tell if your refrigeration system needs new parts. Order your flexible silicone tubing and hoses from us online today!

You Hear Strange Noises Coming From Your Refrigerator

While all refrigerators hum when they are turned on and off, unusual, loud, or irksome noises that are abnormal should be of some concern. This can be a sign of a faulty compressor or other internal parts that may need to be replaced. Check out our wide selection of silicone air cooler hoses today.

Your Freezer is Not Working

Sometimes your freezer can kick into overdrive and completely freeze your food to the point you think it's freeze dried. Or, on the other hand, your freezer is not cooling at all. Either way, if your freezer is not working, odds are, you'll need a spare refrigerator part in order to make it functional once again.

Your Ice Maker is Not Making Ice

Frequently, ice makers are sometimes accidentally shut off by an inadvertent flip. However, if your ice maker is not working, it could be a fault with the water supply valve, which probably uses a silicone tube or hose. This is one of the first things you want to check if your ice maker is not working, and then order your spare flexible silicone hose from us today.

Your Ice Maker is Overflowing With Ice

If you notice your ice maker has kicked it up a notch to the point it's overflowing with ice, there may be a problem with the inlet valve that works in conjunction with silicone tubing. Your refrigerator is not getting the signal that it's full, so it is continuing to make ice. Shop our silicone tubing if that's the problem today.

You Notice Your Refrigerator Food is Getting Frozen

If you notice that your lettuce is getting frozen or your milk even has ice crystals in it, then there is most likely a problem with your thermostat or your compressor or evaporator fan. Both of these use silicone tubes for the refrigerant. You may need to have your thermostat replaced or your tubing. A professional HVAC technician can help you make that determination.

You Notice Your Refrigerator Food is Spoiling Sooner Rather Than Later

If your food is not being kept cold enough, your food may spoil sooner rather than later, which leads to disappointment about having no food and lost money in food costs. Your refrigerator coils are often dirty, the thermostat is faulty, or the condenser coils are running too hot, which may be a silicone tubing issue. Shop our new silicone tubing today.

You Notice Water Around Your Fridge

While water may be around your fridge due to ice cubes being dropped and having melted, it could be a sign of more serious problems. Oftentimes, this is a sign of a blocked defrost drain, which is when debris clogs up the drain hose. Here, a leak in your silicone hose can occur, which would necessitate a replacement.


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