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​Improving Costs and Productivity in Your Industry


It pays to reduce costs — Flex Tech can help!

Many industry jobs from medical labs to automotive factories rely on skilled labor to perform a variety of tasks, and amidst the current rise in unemployment from the COVID-10 pandemic, companies are looking to tighten costs while continuing to operate at capacity.

Flex Tech understands that industries are greatly impacted by COVID-19, and we’re here in solidarity to help you find solutions to improve costs and boost productivity — even if it’s just through silicone hoses!

5 Ways You Industry Can Improve Costs and Productivity

The times we are stretched thin are oftentimes when we’re able to get creative about how we can keep our business afloat while finding ways to improve the overall ROI. Let’s explore more about this below.

Consider Outsourcing

Outsourcing has gotten a bad reputation, but if you’re in the manufacturing industry, it can be an extremely cost-effective option. Instead of trying to do everything in-house, why not investigate a third-party manufacturer? This way you can focus on what you do really well and leave the smaller production of parts and pieces to a company that can do it more efficiently.

At the end of the day, you won’t have to pay a skilled laborer, such as a welder, to cut pieces involved in their welding — instead, you can have those things outsourced.

Use Industry-Specific Materials

Using materials that are customized and tailored to your industry can greatly improve costs and reduce downtime. For example, if you’re using rubber hoses in a process exposed to high heat, you likely have to replace them quite often. Switching to silicone hoses may have a greater initial up-front cost, but silicone outlasts and outperforms rubber, especially in high temperatures. Silicone doesn’t degrade over time, and you’ll save money by not having to replace it as frequently as you do with rubber.

The more you can use customized materials that last longer and perform better, the more money you can save.

Create Product Kits

Have you noticed that specific industries or customers are buying similar products in groups? Why not put together specific kits? This way it’s convenient for your customers and you may make a better profit by selling more products as a result!

Get Organized

If you do decide to begin creating kits or you have a lot of parts and pieces involved in your production, it’s vital that you establish a specific process and storage area to help improve operations. This way people aren’t stuck trying to find a certain part, but instead, they know exactly where it is and can stay in their workflow.

Address Your Inventory

One of the biggest oversights in productivity is inventory — if your operation runs out of a part or a piece of machinery breaks, there is unforeseeable downtime, thus decreased productivity and lost revenue.

Create a solid working inventory tracking system and do a weekly audit of your equipment to ensure everything is in tip-top shape.

If you’re operating on a smaller budget as a result of the pandemic, you can still improve costs and the productivity of your operations. Investigate outsourcing, use high-quality and industry-specific materials, create product kits, get better organized, and keep an eye on your inventory.

Find solutions with Flex Tech!

If you’re an industry that uses a variety of hoses in your operation, there’s a good chance that our silicone hoses can help minimize operating costs. Not only can we customize silicone hose products, but we also offer a variety of industry-specific hoses such as medical and food-grade silicone hoses.

Do you have specific temperature requirements? Flex Tech has you covered! We carry silicone hoses that operate in extreme temperatures that are great for the automotive and agricultural industries!

Learn more about how our silicone hoses can help your business today!