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​Level Up Your Racing With Flex Technologies


From racing cars to motocross, our silicone hoses may give you the competitive edge you need!

Racing a vehicle is much different than an everyday driver or a vintage car you take out on a Sunday. There are very specific requirements that aid in optimal performance and the ability to withstand the continual stress placed on the mechanics at high speeds. The parts and pieces of a race car or motocross bike are looked after carefully to ensure its integrity and the safety of the operator.

Flex Technologies manufactures high-performance silicone parts and hoses for those in the racing industry. Rely on our silicone components to get you through your next race. Explore how Flex Technologies helps race teams in today’s post.

When Quality Is The Bottom Line

Investing in quality is something that is always recommended — quality typically brings a better product with fewer issues to contend with. But when your life is on the line, quality is a non-negotiable. The same is true for those who race — you can’t compromise the quality of a single component because it could jeopardize your safety and even impact your overall racing performance — the parts and pieces of your race car or motocross bike essentially hold everything together!

Flex Technologies supplies the leading silicone hose parts and pieces across a vast number of industries, and we also partner with motorsport companies and race teams.

Why trust your race car or motocross bike to Flex Technologies? Find out below!

Flex Technologies has been manufacturing silicone parts and components for almost two decades and is the leading source of high-quality silicone spanning a wide range of industries including food and beverage, automotive, and pharmaceuticals.

For the racing industry specifically, we can customize each vehicle’s silicone hose set up for an ideal performance. The versatility of silicone allows it to remain supple while staying compatible with ever-changing temperatures and pressures often experienced in racing vehicles.

Attention To Detail

Flex Technologies implements a keen attention to detail to equip your vehicle with silicone parts and pieces that can withstand the stress and wear and tear racing it’s subjected to. All of our silicone hoses can be tailored to a specific size for a fitting that improves the safety and performance of that race vehicle.

Work side-by-side with our engineers that can find a winning silicone hose solution for your race team!

High-Performance Silicone

Not all silicone is the same quality. Many overseas producers are using fillers to create silicone-like products, but they’re definitely not the high-performance silicone of Flex Technologies. Our hoses adhere to strict quality standards that are better than our competitors. From integrated heat shields to chemical-resistant liners, we’re innovators that have disrupted the way silicone hoses are made.

Field Expertise

Flex Technologies understands the requirements your race vehicles need for a winning performance. We’ve worked in the field with a number of race cars and motocross bikes so we have the experience and skillset not every company has.

Level Up Your Race Vehicle With Flex Technologies

Implementing quality parts into your race vehicle helps give you the competitive edge and win races! Swap out old components with silicone hoses from Flex Technologies.

Partner with us today!