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​Maintain Your Freight Truck With This One Part!


Looking for reliability and durability while you’re on the road?!

Driving a freight truck has its perks — you get to see many different parts of the country and you are able to create and manage your own schedule. What can take its toll is truck maintenance. The high miles your freight truck travels definitely adds wear and tear.

Flex Tech understands the demands of freight trucks and the costs that go into maintenance and repair. Learn more about one under-the-hood part that impacts your truck’s longevity in today’s post.

The Part Your Truck Should Not Live Without!

There are many things you can do to help extend the life of your truck — from routine maintenance on tires and brakes to steering systems and batteries — but there is one part that is often overlooked, yet an extremely efficient way to boost the reliability and durability of your truck.

So, what is this magical part?

A fluorocarbon-lined silicone hose.

Why does a fluorocarbon silicone hose make sense for truckers?

Typically silicone hoses are advised against when implementing into vehicles and machinery because of the extremely high temperatures they can experience, but with a fluorocarbon liner, they are fully equipped to handle the high temperatures and combustion residue that freight trucks have.

When oil, oil mist, fuel, or other chemicals are present, fluorocarbon is needed. Traditional silicone hoses are not resistant to oil and swell and permeate the hose. Fluorocarbon-lined silicone hoses provide unparalleled temperature stability, perfect for logging miles on the road.

A fluorocarbon-lined silicone hose is ideal for truckers (especially long-haul truckers) because they are able to minimize operating lifetime costs by averting failures and increasing the time between scheduled maintenance.

Why use fluorocarbon-lined silicone hoses for your rig?

Fluorosilicone hoses provide heightened flexibility and reliability when compared to both traditional rubber hoses that crack and can become brittle and chloroprene.

Flex Tech’s fluorocarbon hoses feature high operating temperatures and considerable performance — saving you time and money.

Improved Maintenance Costs

Fluorosilicone hoses are extremely durable and built to withstand high temperatures, extending longevity. Because these silicone hoses last longer it means fewer, thus more money-savings for you!

Reclaimed Time

The last thing you want is an unexpected line failure on the road that halts your route — not only are you risking a delayed shipment but you also have to take the time to schedule an emergency repair. Extend the life of your hoses and reclaim your time when you invest in fluorosilicone hoses.

Better Peace of Mind

Wouldn’t you stress less and sleep better knowing that your truck is in good condition? That you’re not going to be pulled over and out of commission? Driving your rig wondering not “if” but “when” it’s going to break down is not a fun weight to carry.

With routine maintenance and high-quality fluorocarbon silicone hoses, you won’t be left guessing.

Heightened Safety

Safety is paramount for those who spend a majority of their time on the road — that’s you truckers! Not only can a flat tire disarm your whole rig, but if a hose under the hood goes this can cause a real safety hazard.

Work with hoses that are meant to perform in high temperatures — invest in fluorocarbon silicone hoses.

Partner with Flex Tech to update your hoses that are under the hood!

Since 2003, Flex Tech has been leading the silicone hose industry and continues to innovate today. From fluorocarbon silicone hoses to crafting 3D shapes for a design that fits perfectly, we’re here to offer a solution for your truck’s hosing needs.

Connect with Flex Tech today for more information on our fluorosilicone hoses.