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Novel Silicone Tubing Uses Around The House And Yard


So far, we’ve been talking almost exclusively about the industrial and commercial uses for silicone hoses and tubing. In today’s blog, we want to spend a little time going over how these products can be used around the house, or for your personal projects. Read on to get a better idea of the multi-purpose nature of Flex Technologies’ quality silicone tubing products.

Home Remodels And Additions

Are you planning an addition to your home or a remodel of your current space? A wide range of silicone tubing products can serve you with your piping and connection needs. With the strength, flexibility, and durability that these hoses exhibit, you can complete a high-quality remodeling job that you can feel secure will last you for many years to come.

In Your Greenhouse

If you’re an avid gardener and you’re designing and building your own greenhouse to grow fresh produce and beautiful flowers year-round, you’ll probably want a way to water everything automatically. Silicone tubing can be useful for this purpose. If you need help with your greenhouse watering system design, the helpful designers and technical specialists at Flex Tech can be of assistance.

Yard Aquascaping

Water features add beauty and serenity to just about any yard, and aquascaping projects can benefit from the use of high-quality silicone hoses and tubing. Whether it’s a pond with koi and water lilies, a waterfall, or any type of water sculpture in your yard, silicone tubing can be an important part of the design.

Hydroponics Gardening

This growing gardening trend uses water in place of soil, with the water conserved, recirculated, and reused. Circulate your hydroponic gardening water supply through the use of silicone tubing. There are many different ways of creating a hydroponic system, including the following:

  • Continuous Flow Solution Culture
  • Aeroponics
  • Fogponics
  • Passive Subirrigation
  • Flood And Drain Subirrigation
  • Deep Water Culture

Silicone Tubing For Home Projects

Vehicle Engines

An extremely popular use of our silicone tubing products is in car engines. From your regular vehicle that drives you to and from work, to your rebuilt classic or hobby car, silicone hoses can be included in your engine redesign efforts for performance and aesthetics, too.

Home Invention Projects

Are you an amateur inventor? Do you live for putting your new ideas into practice? Home inventors can use silicone hoses and tubing in many of their creations. If you would like to learn more about these products, just call us and ask!

Learn More About The Uses Of Silicone Tubing

These are just some of the novel ways in which you can put silicone hoses and tubing to good use for your personal, home, yard, and hobby projects. In reality, there are countless ways to use our quality silicone tubing products in virtually any setting. To learn more, contact Flex Tech today.

As suppliers of quality silicone hoses, we can help you with your design while pointing you in the right direction regarding which products will make your life easier. We can even customize products for you if you’re creating a prototype with very specific requirements. For all of your silicone hose and tubing needs, reach out to Flex Tech!