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Silicone Hoses 101 - Tackling The Basics


In our last post, titled “What sets us apart from other silicone hose manufacturers,” we took the opportunity to do exactly what you’d imagine an article with such a title would involve — highlighting what separates us from the rest of the pack here at Flex Tech.

While we encourage you to take the time to read the entire post when you get the chance, we’d like to point out one key element we described in our last post. One of the main distinguishing characteristics of our silicone hose manufacturing company is that we aren’t only a carrier of products. Yes, we offer innovative silicone hoses and tubes, but we also go above and beyond customer expectations to provide high-value engineering and manufacturing services. Suffice it to say, we walk our customers through each step of the buying process so you are guaranteed satisfaction regarding your silicone hose. So if you have any questions about your custom hose or otherwise, we have a team of experienced engineers who are more than happy to put their industry knowledge to good use!

Beyond those facts, another distinguishing quality we won’t hesitate to toot our own horn about is the fact that Flex Technologies incorporated realizes the significance of market globalization from an early point. We made worldwide silicone hose manufacturing the very top priority at our company. From 2003 on, we’ve been committed to becoming a reliable multinational OEM supplier of silicone tubes, ducting systems, and products. Fast forward a decade and a half later, and we now operate twin manufacturing sites with boast state-of-the-art design, quality control, manufacturing, and testing equipment. It’s this capability coupled with our dedication to core values like teamwork, integrity, and operational excellence that help make us the go-to silicone hose supplier.

Back To Basics

Today’s post is titled “Silicone Hoses 101 - Tackling The Basics” — in case you forgot already. While we won’t be able to discuss each and every aspect of silicone tubing and hoses in today’s post, we do want to take the opportunity to discuss how and why silicone hoses improve performance. Keep reading if you’d like to improve your understanding of silicone hoses, the benefits thereof, and a few of its most common applications.


Silicone hoses and tubing was first used in the automotive industry, but why do we use silicone in the first place? It’s a valid question. Silicone material happens to be an ideal choice for folks looking for an upgrade in performance in their vehicles. Whether we are talking about a hot rod, speedboat, or an airplane, silicone is a very sturdy material that boasts durability as much as anything else. When compared with an alternative such as rubber hoses, you won’t find nearly as much of the cracking, dry rot, or general stiffness that can take place over time with rubber tubes.

If you want to turbocharge your engine but fail to upgrade your hoses as a part of the hot rod, the extra heat you produce will ultimately disrupt the system because your standard hoses won’t be able to handle the new temperatures. Diagnosing cracks is an arduous process (take it from us if you haven’t experienced it first-hand), so we will always recommend going with quality. Buy it nice, or buy it twice — just like Grandpa used to say!

Stay Tuned For Our Next Post: The Benefits Of Silicone Hoses

There are many more reasons that silicone can be considered vastly superior to rubber for the majority of common applications. From operating temperature range and flexibility to durability and aesthetic appearance, there are plenty of reasons to consider upgrading your vehicle’s standard rubber hoses with performance silicone hoses.

As it just so happens, we here at Flex Tech carry a wide variety of premium hoses for a wide variety of applications. And now that you’ve (hopefully) been successfully convinced that the vehicle you have in mind could use an upgrade in terms of hoses, we will leave you with this parting thought: not all silicone hoses are created equal.

That is why you should go with the manufacturer that cares about customer experience above all else. Whether you are looking for a silicone vacuum hose, silicone heater hose, or a silicone elbow, we will walk you through each and every step of the buying process. Our engineers are on hand to answer any questions you might have because, ultimately, we want you to become lifelong customers of Flex Tech. We believe that our blend of quality, value, and commitment to a better customer experience puts us in a prime position to earn your business.

From custom silicone hoses to wholesale relationships, we’ve got you covered at Flex Tech. And right now, you can buy now and save big with free shipping on all orders over $35 in the continental United States. Shop Flex Tech today, and make sure you keep an eye out for our next post in which we discuss the benefits of silicone hoses!