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Silicone Hoses: A Great Tubing Connection Option For Your 2020 Projects!


It’s hard to believe, but it’s already 2020! We hope this year brings you the happiness, success, and prosperity that you seek.

Whether you’re a business owner, a facility manager, or a hobbyist, you may have some projects in the works to be completed this year. If you’re looking for tubing connection solutions, look no further than silicone hoses. In today’s blog, we want to let you know why this is such a great choice, whatever design you’re putting together!

Performs Well Under Pressure

Especially if your tubing connections will be located in an intense environment, silicone hoses are a safe bet because they hold up well under pressure. These hoses perform well in extreme conditions, including the following:

  • High temperatures
  • Low temperatures
  • High pressure
  • High humidity
  • Outdoor settings where conditions vary greatly between night and day as well as from one season to the next
  • Direct exposure to intense sunlight
  • High-vibration applications

It goes without saying that if these hoses do great in intense environments, they’ll certainly perform well for you in environments that are far less stressful. Whether you’re building a static or dynamic system, silicone hoses make a great choice. Whatever your application, you can rest assured that our off-the-shelf and custom silicone hoses are up to the highest standards, since they’ve been fabricated and tested with quality assurance built into the process at every step.

Won’t Cost You A Bundle

In addition to being high-performance products, silicone hoses are affordable. They are much more cost-effective than comparable metal piping would be. They are also significantly lighter than their metal counterparts, which means that you can design around them more efficiently, which will save you money in the short- and long-run.

Flexible Enough For Tight Spaces

Even though they perform well under pressure, these hoses are very flexible, which means they are a great choice for any design where space is tight and you need to fit flexible, bendable connectors into tight, cramped spaces. Silicone hoses also come in different diameters and lengths to suit your particular space requirements.

Quality Custom Silicone Hoses

Won’t Degrade Contents Flowing Through

If you’re doing anything related to consumables, silicone hoses can be a great choice since they will not degrade or leach into the contents flowing through them. Safety is paramount in food and beverage applications, as well as in other industries like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and the good news is that food-grade silicone hoses are FDA- and NSF-compliant, making them suitable for contact with all types of foods and beverages.

Strong And Durable For Most Applications

We’ve discussed flexibility, performance, affordability, and safety. Now let’s go over strength and durability. Among the characteristics of silicone polymers, you’ll find strength, which means you’ll find hoses made from this material in a wide range of industries where connections need to be strong. Some of these industries and applications where both off-the-shelf and custom silicone hoses prevail include the following:

  • Automotive, including motorcycles, all types of car engines, race cars, and long-distance trucks
  • Aerospace, from airplanes to rockets and satellites
  • Electronics and engineering
  • Medicine and pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing and processing plants
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Water purification processes
  • Construction industries

Customizable To Meet Your Needs

Another great thing about silicone hoses that so many of our customers at Flex Technologies Incorporated appreciate is our ability to customize silicone hose designs to create unique solutions when specific needs have to be met. Even though there’s a wide range of off-the-shelf parts available to meet many specifications, there are some designs that require customized silicone hose solutions, and we can deliver!

Contact Flex Tech To Get Started

The specialists at Flex Tech are ready to help with your 2020 projects by providing tubing connection solutions that meet your requirements, from performing well under pressure to being flexible enough to fit into small spaces. Our products are affordable, and our technical teams can customize silicone hose parts and tubing for you to meet your needs. Strong and durable, our hoses will last you a long time, and we even have specialty hoses like food-grade ones when an extra level of safety is required.

Start the year off right and get going on your big projects in 2020 with the expert help of Flex Tech specialists. Contact us today!