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5 Things You Need To Know About Specialty And Custom Silicone Hoses


If you’re looking for specialty silicone hoses that meet your requirements, chances are good that you’ll find just what you need. That’s because silicone tubing comes in a wide range of products, each designed for different specifications and operating temperature ranges. Here are five things to keep in mind when you’re considering customized silicone hose solutions.

Hoses Exist For Withstanding Extreme Temperatures

There are numerous industrial applications, as well as a few well-known everyday scenarios, where tubing for fluids has to withstand very high or very low temperatures. Consider your car’s engine; it gets pretty hot under the hood, and the various hoses in your engine have to be able to perform well without bursting under these high temperatures.

Take a look at refrigeration; any large-scale or small-scale refrigeration operation needs components that won’t degrade in cold temperatures, and that will protect the contents flowing through the super-cooled system.

Then there are large-scale processing facilities that operate under extreme conditions, including high or low temperatures, high humidity levels, the presence of steam or condensation, and more. Silicone hoses must be able to withstand these conditions, and while not every product does, there are tubing products that can handle extremes.

Don’t be tempted to just grab any part off the shelf. Consult first with your silicone hose supplier to learn which parts are rated for the temperature and environmental extremes present in your production facility.

High-purity Hoses Are Available For Food, Beverage, And Medical Industries

Many industries require that high levels of hygiene be maintained at every step of the process. In particular, anything related to biomedical technology, pharmaceuticals, food processing, water filtration, and cosmetics manufacturing must adhere to strict sanitary standards.

Once again, silicone hoses exist that are suitable for these industries. If you’re involved in any of these or other fields where hygiene is paramount, talk to your silicone tubing supplier and find out which products are suitable.

Custom Solutions Can Be Developed For Engines

So many types of vehicles exist, and they’re all powered by engines that get hot and need to be kept cool. Custom coolant hoses can be manufactured for engines that require them. Everything from race cars to cross-country moving vans, and from aircraft to boats, can use silicone hoses for transferring fluids from one part of the vehicle or vessel to another. Specialty hoses are available for the wide range of engines that exist.

Liners Can Increase The Span Of Possible Applications

It’s important to note that some silicone hoses require specialty liners to protect them, the liquids flowing through them, and the systems they’re installed into. These custom liners can increase the hose’s resistance to caustic chemicals, making silicone a viable option in a greater number of applications.

Suppliers Can Help You With Custom-fit Solutions

Whether you’re a small business owner or you run a large, multi-facility company, there will come a time when you need a customized solution.

Perhaps you’re a microbrewery that needs to set up a sanitary fluid transportation system to create and bottle your beer recipes. Maybe you’re an aquarium manufacturer looking for sturdier, longer-lasting tubes to incorporate into your designs. You might need customized medical silicone tubing for a new line of catheters you’re developing.

There are so many cases where a custom-fit solution is needed. Find a supplier you can work with who will help you with the custom solutions you seek.

Turn To Flex Technologies For Assistance

We have been in business since 2003, providing top-quality silicone tubing products to dozens of different industries in the United States and Canada. We’re here to help you with your custom requirements!

Our technical team has the knowhow to work with you, using your drawings, schematics, and special instructions to customize solutions that’ll work for you and your enterprise. If you’re looking for specialty silicone hoses and custom designs, reach out to Flex Technologies today!

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