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5 Ways To Use Different Colored Silicone Hoses


To Warn Of Different Temperatures

When you have an industrial application where the fluids or gases being streamed through silicone tubing are of different temperatures, it’s helpful to use hoses of different colors. The three basic colors that are available are sufficient for these applications. Red silicone hoses can be used to mark the hot streams, blue vacuum hoses are well-suited for cold streams, and black silicone tubing can be used for room-temperature streams.

To Mark Inert As Well As More Dangerous Streams

In addition, there are applications where the substances transported through silicone hoses can be harmful if anyone comes into direct contact with them. Red is a natural choice for potentially dangerous fluids or chemicals. Black or blue are suitable for marking the inert streams.

For A Splash Of Color In Performance Engines

While there are practical reasons to differentiate by color, there are aesthetic reasons, too. If you have a race car or any other type of performance vehicle, adding shiny red, black, and blue silicone hoses to the engine ups the coolness level by several factors!

In HVAC Systems

The basic colors of red, blue, and black also lend themselves well to HVAC systems, both in commercial and residential settings, especially for any dedicated lines. Red can be used for heating tubes, blue for cooling, and black for shared lines.

For Medical Tubing Applications

We’re hard-pressed to find applications more sensitive than medical and pharmaceutical ones. In these instances, tubing can differentiate ingredients, ensuring that they’re kept separate and that users can easily distinguish between the different streams through colors. In medical applications, having even more colors can come in handy. Thankfully, additional flex hose hues can be customized, giving you more options to work with.

Where To Turn For Quality Silicone Hoses

Are you ready to purchase top-quality silicone hoses for your industrial, processing, manufacturing, or engine application? Turn to Flex Technologies for assistance! Our technical teams are here to help you get exactly what you need for your design.

We take great pride in being able to help our customers find the silicone hose parts they need. Flex Tech offers three basic colors, but we also have others to choose from. If you need yellow, green, or violet, for example, let us know! We can provide you with a quote for these custom colors.

What’s more, our technical people are standing by to help with any other customizations you may need. For stellar customer service and technical assistance, get in touch with Flex Tech today!

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