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Top Considerations For Food-Grade And Pharmaceutical Production


While all factories need to adhere to certain regulations and guidelines for quality assurance, when it comes to food and pharmaceutical production, the rules are more stringent. Regulations seek to preserve the quality of the ingredients while keeping the entire process clean and consumers safe. Read on to learn more about the top considerations associated with the production of food-grade and medical commodities.

Safety First And Foremost

When consumption is involved, safety comes first. You have to make sure that the foods or drugs you’re producing will not harm those who consume these products. When designing a food or drug manufacturing or processing plant, it’s imperative that care is taken to make sure ingredients remain intact without any accidental swapping or dosage changes. Every medication or food product must be manufactured as intended, without room for error in any capacity, including with the quantities and types of ingredients used.

Reliable Processes And Operation

Reliability is imperative, both in the design of the equipment and in its operation. Procedures need to be developed and followed to ensure that the end products stay safe for consumption. Otherwise, you risk hurting the people who will consume your products, and you also risk possible shut-downs and lawsuits. Be sure to design your production facility correctly from the start, and put a great deal of thought and effort into implementing reliable processes that work.

Protection Against Contamination

One of the ways to keep the population safe is by protecting your products from being contaminated. Whether this means keeping external contaminants like dust or bacteria from entering into the food and drug production streams, or accidentally mixing up ingredients, it’s vital that the products you create for consumption are fully protected against contamination.

Our silicone hoses and tubing products are great for this purpose since they create excellent, non-porous seals that do not allow contaminants to accidentally enter in. What’s more, they are strong and durable, which means they’ll last a long time in your production facility while protecting ingredients against possible contamination.

Quality Silicone Hoses

Capacity And Flow Rates

In high-volume production environments, capacity and flow rates need to be carefully determined to accommodate the volumes being produced, as well as to avoid any accidental ruptures of pipes, tubing, and connectors. It’s important to calculate the rates accurately, design the production system correctly, and choose the materials wisely to enable high-speed flows without any issues.

Cleanliness And Sanitation

Finally, both cleanliness and sanitation are ultra important when producing foods and medicines. A clean, sterile, and sanitary environment is required to ensure no accidental contamination happens, quality is maintained, and the safety of consumers remains the top priority. Once again, silicone hoses, tubing, and connectors provide an excellent choice as part of the production design because of the high levels of cleanliness and sanitation these hoses are able to afford.

Turn To Flex Technologies For Help

Would you like to learn more about how silicone hoses can be used in the production of food-grade products and pharmaceuticals? Contact Flex Technologies today! Our technical specialists will work closely with you to make sure you’re choosing the right products for your food and drug production efforts. Reach out to learn more!

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