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The Benefits Of Using Flanged End Fittings With Silicone Hoses


Create a secure and protected seal when you merge silicone hoses with flanged end fittings!

If you’ve ever had a seal fail and a hazardous situation with your hosing, you know exactly how frustrating and dangerous a popped hose can be. In equipment and automotive, it can impact the operation of the vehicle that can cause harm to the person, and in production, it can disrupt the line causing a loss in labor and production, thus impacting your ROI. In whatever industry you’re in and whatever application you use silicone hosing in, a popped hose is bad news.

Flanged end fittings make a great addition to your silicone hose application in high-pressure environments, creating a safer environment for everyone and every application. Learn more about the role of flanged end fittings and the benefits they provide to silicone hoses in today’s post.

What Are Flanged End Fittings?

Flanged end fittings are a specific type of pipe fittings that are used to join valves, pumps, and hoses to create a pipeline. In a large variety of applications, these fittings help carry and transport liquids.

Flanged end fittings are available in a broad collection of sizes and rated on temperature and pressure, and are commonly integrated into industries including:

  • Power Plants
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • Mining
  • Fire Protection
  • Industrial Waterworks
  • Heating Systems
  • Food Process & Manufacturing

What To Look For In Flange Fittings

As you’re creating an ideal application with your silicone hoses, it’s vital to choose the right flange fittings to accommodate the hoses — quality and performance are greatly determined by this pairing. Consider the following:

  • Material Grade
  • Pressure-Temperature Class
  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Heat Number
  • Special Classifications

5 Benefits Of Flanged End Fittings

Flanged end fittings are a practical choice in specific applications dealing with high-pressure usage.

Great In Tight Spaces

Flanged end fittings are great for accommodating applications that have tight spaces where traditional fittings can’t happen. This is commonly experienced in industrial settings and production where there is a large amount of other equipment to account for.

Ideal For Hard To Reach Areas

In industries such as food and beverage, plumbing, and mechanical, there can be significantly hard to reach areas in which flexibility is needed. Flanged end fittings are perfect for these cramped spaces and exclude the need for hose tubes, hose, and pipe line.

Perfect For Vibration, Shock, And High-Pressure Surges

When large hoses and pipe connections experience surges in vibration, shock, and high pressure, it’s vital to control these variables to reduce wear and tear and hose failure. A traditional large hydraulic fitting isn’t necessarily the best choice because it’s much more susceptible to damage than a flanged end fitting.

Easy Maintenance

In industries or applications with rigid lines of continuous lines of silicone hoses, flanged end fittings are perfect for creating connections that allow for effortless maintenance where other pipe fittings just can’t keep up.

Secure Seals

Flanged end fittings are optimal in hydraulic applications because they create a secure seal, reducing the risk of the components coming loose. If you’re looking for a seal that can withstand rigorous applications, a flanged end fitting may be the perfect addition to your silicone hoses.

Flex Technologies Has Solutions

If you’re ready to swap out traditional rubber hoses with silicone, but realize this might change up your entire configuration, Flex Technologies is here to help find the perfect solution for your industry. Our engineers can transform how production is facilitated whether it’s through custom tooling and product design or custom material compounding, calendering, extrusion, or fabrication.

And, our support doesn’t stop there. We’ve been in the silicone industry spanning two decades, so we have the experience and background knowledge to help you determine what pipe fitting is ideal for your application.

Work with Flex Technologies today and improve how your production functions!