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​The Future of the Silicone Hose Market


The expansion for silicone is forecasted to greatly advance in the upcoming years!

The use of silicone crosses industries and is found in some of the most unexpected places. You may not even realize how much you rely on silicone — from your routine cup of joe and a beer at happy hour with your friends to your car and the medications you take, silicone and silicone hoses play a large part in modernizing how you experience everyday life.

At Flex Technologies, we carry a comprehensive assortment of the premier USA-made and manufactured silicone hoses. Learn more about what the future of the silicone hose market may bring in today’s post.

The Industry-Wide Need For Silicone Hoses

Whether you rely on silicone hoses to keep your home appliances operating or you rely on silicone hoses on the operation of your industry, silicone continues to make great advancements, and it’s only just the beginning!

What The Forecast Holds For Silicone Across Industries

Silicone hoses are chosen time and time again because of their high performance. With an amazing temperature resistance to both hot and cold extremes, flexibility, durability, and resistance to conductivity, water, and chemicals, industries spend less money on silicone hose parts in the long run because they withstand time and don’t constantly have to be replaced.

Simply put, silicone is the leading material industry-wide and it continues to innovate and evolve, uncovering solutions that we never thought possible. Between our silicone reducers, silicone vacuum hoses, and silicone elbow hoses — not to mention our fully customizable silicone hose options — Flex Technologies continues to lead the industry and support the industries who rely on our silicone hose products.

What does the future of silicone hold?

Silicone Hoses And Vehicles

We’re at a tipping point in our history where the need to address climate change is coming to a head — almost all industries are actively searching for solutions to reduce their impact on the planet, and silicone will play a part in this.

Car emissions contribute to pollution, and, more widely climate change, thus emissions requirements will become even more stringent in the foreseeable future. And while transitioning to hybrid and electric cars is the bigger picture, there is a solution in silicone hoses.

Because the air needs to be cleaned to reduce emissions output, there is a great deal of friction within a vehicle’s engine bay, creating high temperatures. Silicone hoses are equipped to handle increasing temperatures, keeping the vehicle protected and aiding in reducing emissions.

Silicone Hoses And Construction

Silicone hoses are used widely in the construction industry, but perhaps in a way you may not realize. They have their place in HVAC systems and some construction equipment, but silicone hose products are largely used in heavy-duty construction equipment and trucks.

Heavy-duty construction equipment experiences a lot of wear and tear because they’re often constantly running and subject to hours and hours of use, so scheduled replacement belts, hoses, etc., are extremely common. The product demand for silicone heater hoses, silicone turbo hoses, and CAC hoses is great, and as we continue to see growth, construction and construction equipment will always play a role in how the silicone hose evolves.

Silicone Hoses And Aftermarket Automotive Parts

Whether you’re restoring a vintage car or you’re looking to make an upgrade to what’s under the hood, Flex Technologies continues to see large growth in our silicone hose products for automotive projects. From customized radiator hose replacement kits for cold air intake systems and intercoolers, as people continue to modify their cars — maybe even for better emissions — the need for aftermarket silicone parts continues to increase.

Silicone Hoses And Industrial Uses

The need for silicone hose products reaches far into the depths of industrial uses for a myriad of silicone hose applications. From transferring hot materials from one machine to another to withstanding very cold temperatures in cryogenic applications, the stability of silicone continues to heighten many industrial processes.

Silicone Hoses And Sanitary Applications

Flex Technologies not only carry the very basic silicone hoses, but we also make silicone hose products to the sanitary specifications of the food and beverage industry, biotech, and medical applications. Silicone continues to revolutionize the sanitary practices of these industries, making a safer end product for consumers.

Silicone Hoses And Aerospace Operations

Silicone ducting plays a large role in aerospace operations because of its ability to safely and effectively transfer both cooled and heated air. The volume of this transfer can be immense and silicone is not only competitively priced but can also endure the demands of the aerospace industry. 

Silicone’s Future

The silicone industry is driven and impacted widely by the industries it serves such as construction, automotive, industrial, transportation, and personal care and consumer goods. Because silicone has a broad versatility, it’s able to serve a large range of industries and enable their applications to be used in many forms and applications.

The largest opportunity for silicone lies in medical-grade silicone hoses in the healthcare industry. Driven for the need for better preventative techniques to improve infection rates and hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), many are seeking innovative silicone technologies to reduce the growth and spread of microorganisms on various medical devices.

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