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​The Importance of Silicone Couplers


Improve the safety of your industry with silicone tube joiners.

Flex Technologies is known for its premium silicone hoses that can be used for a wide array of applications spanning many industries, but a lesser-known silicone part — the silicone coupler — is just as important in its application as our silicone hoses.

Flex Technologies manufactures a large variety of silicone couplers, making their use and function invaluable. Learn more about the importance of silicone couplers in today’s post.

Silicone Couplers

Silicone couplers are known by several different names, including tube joiners, silicone elbows, silicone reducers, etc., but they all serve numerous vital roles when it comes to using them on hard pipes.

Silicone couplers are commonly used on intercoolers, superchargers, air intake systems, and radiators, but have many applications not just limited to automotive or mechanical. Other industries that use silicone couplers are food and beverage, marine, agriculture, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Selecting A Silicone Coupler

It is essential when choosing a silicone coupler that you choose one specific to its application. The size and diameter are important, so it’s best to begin with those.

Not sure how to properly size your silicone coupler? Check out our step by step post we’ve written to help you!

Beyond their size, its application is also fundamental. Are you using it for oil or chemicals? How about high temperatures or underwater? Flex Technologies can work with you to figure out exactly the type of silicone coupler you’ll need, but we offer marine and underwater grade, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical grade couplers, in addition to our fluorocarbon lined couplers ideal for oil and gas.

Why You Should Care About Silicone Couplers

Silicone couplers can make or break your manufacturing or how your vehicles operate, and they play an important role after role in your daily operations — without silicone couplers how everything functions in your industry could fall by the wayside.


Silicone couplers are the connectors — they not only connect this hard pipe to that hard pipe, but they are the pieces that keep your industry functioning. Instead of having to weld pipes together, which is not costly but can be labor-intensive, you’re able to quickly fit a silicone coupler that’s reliable and long-lasting.


Silicone couplers bring a flexibility that welding hard pipes cannot touch. Not only do they allow for more movement, but they also are not rigid and don’t risk damage if there is impact to the hard pipe or in extreme temperature fluctuations. Silicone couplers are soft, fluid, and flexible allowing pipes to connect in tight spaces and weird angles.


Silicone couplers heighten the safety of your industry. Not only do they prevent liquids, gases, and solids from bursting at the connector site, but they can also accommodate a wide range of substances such as chemicals, oil, and water.

Silicone couplers can also adapt to extreme temperature changes and are resistant to corrosion and conductivity.

Silicone Couplers For Your Industry

Is your industry still using rubber couplers? Update and improve your operations with silicone! Flex Technologies understands that silicone is an investment and we stand behind our silicone products. Get durable silicone couplers that last and reduce replacement costs and downtime in your operations.

Choose from a wide variety of standard and customized silicone couplers including:

Order and customize all of your silicone couplers with Flex Technologies today!