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The Importance of the ISO 9001 Certification


Quality and performance are Flex Technologies’ top priority!

High standards are uncompromising at Flex Technologies, and they’re something we’ve built our reputation on. When you order any silicone hose product from us, you’ll recognize the difference in quality.

All of our silicone goes through rigorous in-house material and finished goods testing, to ensure the silicone hose you get functions flawlessly.

High quality is the minimum at Flex Technologies — we go above and beyond to produce the leading silicone hose products for your industry. Learn more about the ISO 9001 certification in today’s post.

What is the ISO 9001 Certification?

When we’re navigating ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards, it’s important to note that the ISO 9001 is a standard in quality management systems that is independent and non-governmental — it’s widely recognized worldwide and it is an important piece to what makes silicone hoses at Flex Technologies the industry-leader in quality.

ISO 9001 is measured on a number of quality-focused principles that center on continual improvement and innovation. It ensures that any customers investing in our products receive consistent and high-quality goods every time.

ISO certification is performed through a third-party company that audits the facility to ensure that our silicone products meet the expectations of our customers.

Why is ISO 9001 Important?

To a customer looking to purchase a silicone elbow hose or a silicone air cooler hose, it’s likely that you’re not looking for an ISO 9001 certification — you just want a quality product that can facilitate a piece in your HVAC system or under your car’s hood, but you still benefit!

An ISO 9001 certification may be more pertinent to wholesale customers and distributors because you’re buying more in bulk, so it’s important that you have the same high-quality product no matter what run it was manufactured in — it allows you to make educated and well-informed purchases.

The fewer product hiccups you have with the customers you serve, the better it is for all of us!

When you see our ISO 9001 certification you can trust and rely that our silicone products perform! You benefit from:

Customer satisfaction - When products have specific standards, it reduces inconsistencies, making for happy customers who become repeat customers.

Streamlined production - Efficient production allows an improvement in the quality of products and upgraded ROI — we pass the savings on to you.

Product innovation - With quality management in place, it allows us to customize additional silicone products and make standard products even better.

Operational competency - When manufacturing processes are more efficient, it frees up time and resources for other areas.

Risk management - We can better identify opportunities to minimize, monitor, and control potential risks in our production processes.

Internal auditing - These audits can expose vulnerabilities and be corrected to improve our manufacturing operations and product development.

Flex Technologies is ISO 9001 Certified!

Whether you need one silicone hose or a short-production run of hoses for your wholesale business, the silicone products you order from Flex Technologies will always be the same high-quality our customers have come to expect — the ISO 9001 certification has helped us get there!

Make the informed decision, and invest in silicone hoses from Flex Technologies today!