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Top Qualities of Food Industry-Grade Silicone Flex Hoses

Top Qualities of Food Industry-Grade Silicone Flex Hoses

6th Jan 2023

Food-grade silicone hoses are an essential component of any food and beverage processing system and are necessary for businesses operating within this industry to continue their work. These tools — either standard or custom-made from Flex Technologies — are all designed to provide a safe, hygienic, and reliable way to transport liquids, gasses, and other materials. Read about just a few of the many different benefits our Flex Technologies products offer companies in the food processing industry and contact us today to learn more!

They Meet FDA Standards

Silicone hoses are designed to meet the highest standards of food safety and sanitation. They are BPA-free, non-toxic, and made with FDA-approved materials. These tools are also meant to withstand the test of time and frequent use, as they are resistant to corrosion, abrasions, and extreme temperatures, making them perfect for food industry applications.

They Are Resistant to Kinks

Custom food-grade silicone hoses are also highly flexible and have excellent resistance to kinking when used in this type of environment. This allows them to be easily routed through tight spaces without the risk of blockage or contamination. Flex Technologies can help ensure your food processing facility runs smoothly with our sturdy, versatile silicone hoses.

Additional Fittings Are Not Necessary

Another great benefit of food-grade silicone hoses is that they require little to no additional fittings. When you outfit your business with the help of Flex Technologies, you will eliminate the need to purchase additional hardware and reduce the risk of contamination. Our silicone hoses are also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that they’re always in top condition.

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Offering superior performance and durability, the custom-made silicone hoses our organization can create for your business are designed to offer consistent results every time. Get in touch with Flex Technologies today to learn more about how we can help you be successful!