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Two Common Clamps For Silicone Hoses


Secure your silicone hose with the right clamp every time!

One of the biggest problems people face when working with silicone hoses is securing them adequately enough so they don’t pop off. When a hose pops off, not only is it incredibly frustrating, but it is also quite dangerous.

Prevent your silicone hose from popping off with tips and tricks from Flex Tech! One tried and true way to keep silicone hoses in place is by incorporating clamps. Learn more about common clamps you can use to get a consistent, secure fit.

Clamps For Silicone Hoses

A clamp is a clamp, right?! Not when it involves silicone hoses! One would think that any hose clamp would be appropriate when securing a silicone hose, but there is a little more to it.

It’s important to remember that when placing a clamp on a silicone hose, you need to give it enough space (usually the width) and secure it right before the roll bead.

The type of clamp is also going to make a huge difference and can make or break the silicone hose’s longevity. Selecting a clamp with no sharp edges or serrations is key because the wrong type of clamp can dig and cut into the silicone hose tearing the surface and impacting its structural integrity; the wrong clamp means replacing hoses more frequently, thus spending more money on hose parts and pieces to accommodate your operations. A jubilee clamp is one example to steer clear of because it has a series of serrations in its design.

The ideal type of clamp for silicone hoses are those that are smooth enough that nothing can scrape or snag the surface.

T-Bolt Clamps

T-bolt clamps are a common part used to secure silicone hoses. These traditional clamps not only provide flexibility and strength, but also quick adjustment, customization, and reliability. T-bolt clamps are completely smooth, preventing any damage to the surface of silicone hoses and come in a variety of options that are perfect for your industry, including spring-loaded, marine-grade, adjustable diameter clamps, and more.

Choose t-bolt clamps for the perfect solution to properly securing your silicone hose every time!

Worm Clamps

It’s important to note that worm clamps have a similar appearance to jubilee clamps, so double-check to ensure that you’re selecting a worm clamp when shopping for a solution for securing your silicone hose. Worm clamps have beveled or serrated edges on the exterior of the clamp, however, the interior of the worm clamp is smooth and will not snag or dig into the hose surface.

Both T-bolt clamps and worm clamps are available in a variety of materials such as stainless steel that resist rust and corrosion and are ideal for damp and humid conditions.

The purpose of implementing a T-bolt or worm clamp with your silicone hose is to not only prevent them from popping off but to keep any dangerous liquids or particulates from entering the environment — what’s in the silicone hose stays in the silicone hose.

Use the appropriate clamp — T-bolt or worm — for a secure silicone hose fit that prevents them from popping off, while saving yourself the stress of a potential safety hazard!

Learn more about silicone hose clamps and our specialized hoses today!