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What Is A Coolant Hose?


If you are looking for a silicone coolant hose online, then trust the expert silicone product manufacturing found only here at Flex Technologies. Coolant hoses are necessary piece of your automobile, and important to the automobile industry. If you are new to what they are, and what their purpose is in your car, we go over both in this article. 

What are coolant hoses?

The coolant hose is an integral part of your engine, which would not work without them. This is because combustion engines, as the name implies, produce a lot of heat. They produce so much heat, in fact, that it would quickly destroy the engine if left to build up in it. They can range from large to small, and are made of a thick, rubber like material that must have the ability to withstand high temperatures. Coolant hoses require accessories to hold them in place and ensure that they can relocate coolant fluid efficiently. 

What do coolant hoses do?

Coolant hoses and heater hoses are essentially the same thing, but applied towards different purposes. Coolant fluid, like Freon, is much more effective at cooling an engine (and heating a car) than regular water, because water boils and freezes much faster than Freon. Thus, coolant hoses are filled with a mixture of water and coolant to ensure the liquid stays in a state where it can absorb (and give off) heat.

Coolant hoses work by circulating this fluid through the engine as it gives off heat, keeping the heat from destroying it. Most of this heat is then transferred out into the open air, but then the rest is cycled through heater hoses (same material and function, different application) to the heater core of your automobile, where it is blown on by a fan to produce hot air for the car. Once the heat has left the coolant fluid either through the air or fan, it is then cycled back to the engine, where the whole process starts to repeat itself over again. 

Coolant hoses are just one of those parts that you have to replace regularly. While there might be signs that a coolant hose is about to burst (for instance, there might be bulging or it may get overly stiff), this doesn't give a person much time for replacement, and there is no sign to look for that a coolant hose is weakening. It is for this reason that your mechanic will recommend a replacement at least once every four or five years. 

Our silicone coolant hoses are treated with a heat shield, allowing them to withstand extreme temperatures and perform both of their cooling and heating functions. Not only that, but they are extremely durable and flexible, are easily removed, and provide a better aesthetic for those major automobile buffs out there.

If you are looking for high quality silicone coolant hoses online for automotive purposes, then you need to check out our selection of silicone products. They are all subject to the strict standards and guidelines of ISO 9001:2008, TS-16949. We are proud of the quality of our work, and believe it shows in every product that we ship. See for yourself! Give us a call if you have any questions about the products or delivery.