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What You Need To Know About The Medical Grade Silicone Market


Medical grade silicone continues to expand, creating a new frontier in silicone products!

The demand for medical-grade silicone is immense — its future is expected to grow as new silicone innovations emerge that elevate the medical industry and keep patients and healthcare workers better protected.

Flex Technologies provide USA-made and manufactured medical-grade silicone hoses that support the medical industry — we lead the industry with silicone products that are customized to meet the demands of those in the healthcare ecosystem. Learn more about medical-grade silicone in today’s post.

Silicone Growth: Medical Implantable Devices

Medical implants are one of the greatest innovations to emerge in the medical industry. We’re very familiar with the most widely known silicone implant — the breast implant — however, medical implants go far beyond this. We see medical implants that deliver medications, monitor body functions, and even support tissues and organs in our bodies. Their applications span the healthcare sector in dental, orthopedic, optical, and many more.

We’ll continue to see the medical-grade silicone market advance to create new solutions in the medical implantation field.

Elements In Orthopedics

Many components in orthopedics are made from medical-grade silicone for its durability and comfort. Its applications lend to unmatched shock absorption and non-toxic properties to help reduce the impact on the back, joints, and heels where pain and discomfort are an issue.

An opportunity for advancement in medical-grade silicone in orthopedics is in fractures, subluxation, and bone loss — to find an implant or way to use silicone to address these issues would be revolutionary, as it is innovative.

Silicone Prosthetics

Medical-grade silicone assists prostheses in creating custom-fit artificial limbs to enhance the lifestyle and function of those with limb loss. Many of us think of prosthetics for arms and legs, but silicone prostheses are used widely to restore facial structures and anatomy, because of its skin-like texture, however, it’s used in manufacturing most prosthetics because of its high-performing physical properties such as thermal stability, flexibility, chemical resistance, and elasticity.

Medical Devices

Medical-grade silicone is used for a variety of applications in medical devices such as catheters, medical electronics, device assemblies, surgical incision drains, medical tubes, valves and rings, and respiratory devices.

Medical-grade silicone is an exclusive material to the medical industry because of its heat and chemical resistance and physical stability.

Advancing Medical-Grade Silicone

Because the medical industry is always advancing, so are medical-grade silicone applications. From medical silicone implants and prosthetics to medical devices, the emerging market is always there meeting the increasing needs of medical-grade silicone.

Medical Grade Silicone And Flex Technologies

Flex Technologies is the front-runner in medical-grade silicone hoses for medical devices — you can choose a standard hose, or we can customize a hose that is unique to your healthcare sector. We take the approach that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to the medical industry. Collaborate with us to tailor silicone products that elevate your industry and make the healthcare system safer for all.

Explore our medical-grade silicone hose collection today!