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When You Need Silicone Hoses That Meet OEM Standards Plus Your Specifications


Whether it’s for a performance vehicle engine, processing plant equipment, or any application that requires flex hoses that are strong and durable and will function reliably for you, high-quality silicone hoses built to OEM standards provide a viable, affordable solution.

If you manufacture and sell subsystems that will be used by other companies in their products, you want to ensure that your designs use the highest-quality parts available. That’s the OEM way, and here at Flex Technologies, a nationwide leading supplier of silicone hose and tubing solutions, we deliver top-quality silicone hose off-the-shelf and custom parts that you can feel confident including in the subsystems you sell to other companies to use in the products they sell.

The beauty of what we do here at Flex Tech is that, in addition to subscribing to high OEM standards, we regularly customize solutions for our clients to meet their unique specifications. This makes us highly versatile and a one-stop shop for tubing needs in a wide range of industries.

Specify The Features You Want

What, exactly, do you need? As leading silicone hose and tubing suppliers, Flex Tech regularly incorporates special requests into the custom parts and systems we create. Don’t slow down your design process by spending way too much time seeking the perfect part. That part that you need can be made by our engineering teams for you. All you have to do is specify which features you need; provide your specifications, drawings, and blueprints, and our technically-savvy designers and engineers will get to work creating customized performance hoses for all your OEM-related needs.

When There’s No Compromising Performance

Silicone hoses and tubing are a great choice when you need affordable solutions but can’t (and won’t) compromise performance. Silicone flex hoses offer numerous benefits over rubber, including durability and reliability, even under temperature extremes. They also offer advantages over metal, including flexibility and cost effectiveness. Silicone is a material that performs well under many different operating criteria, making it a dependable choice for both quality and performance.

Custom Silicone Hoses And Tubing

Custom Silicone Hoses You Can Count On

If you’re an OEM manufacturer and you need customized silicone hose and tubing solutions, turn to Flex Tech. We are ready to work with you on your designs, and we have the technical expertise and experience to help you even when you’re not quite sure what you need. We’ll be happy to go over technical specifications and other details to make certain you’re getting what you expect. Reach out to us today!