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Which Silicone Hose Product is Right for You?


Explore the features of silicone hoses for the ideal application in your industry.

From silicone couplers to silicone industrial hoses, the applications of silicone hoses across industries are diverse, and not all of these hoses are created equal to the specific needs your industry may require.

At Flex Tech, we improve how you do business by helping you find a silicone hose ideal for your industry! Discover the silicone product that is right for you today!

Silicone Hose Products For Every Industry

Whether you’re operating a brewery or you’re in pharmaceuticals, silicone hoses play an integral part in your daily enterprise. And while silicone hose products offer a solution to many of your operating concerns, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach — silicone hoses are diverse and have different features specific to each industry.

Silicone hoses are customizable and can be tailored to cover exactly what your industry needs — let’s examine different features you should consider when selecting a silicone hose product.

Flow Rate

Silicone hose products are ideal with high-pressure tubing with increased flow rates. It’s vital that you have a hose that accommodates the flow rate your industry needs — the better the flow rate is, the more you have reduced processing time, thus an increase in productivity.


It’s important to consider what media (contents and substances) your silicone hose will be used to carry and the customized lining it may need.

Fuel lines need specific fluorocarbon and fluorosilicone linings to withstand chemicals that would otherwise eat away at unlined silicone. At the end of the day, the media that flows in hoses varies from abrasive materials to their chemical compounds, and each silicone hose needs to be equipped to handle these requirements.

Operating Temperatures

Rubber and PVC hoses can lose pressure in extreme temperatures and lose physical capabilities such as flexibility as the operating temperatures increase. It’s crucial to choose a hose material that can accommodate extreme temperature fluctuations, such as silicone.

Food and Beverage Safety

The food and beverage industry uses a large number of silicone hoses in their processing, creating a unique requirement in terms of its hygienic properties that lend to the safety for public consumption. There are specific hoses that need to be used if you’re in the food and beverage industry when dealing with oily foods, alcohol, and other liquids. Be sure to ask about sterilization methods for these hoses.


In many industries, an anti-static silicone hose is needed to reduce fire hazards, thus electrical conductivity. Most of our hoses at Flex Tech can provide a hose lining or external covering that can reduce its conductivity.


If your industry uses a variety of silicone hoses that address different chemical compounds, temperature ranges, flow rate, etc., it’s important to be able to differentiate between the hoses to not only be able to tell what they’re being used for, but also so you can replace them accordingly. Safety hazards and headaches can be avoided when you can easily identify and replace the right silicone hose!

Flex Tech can custom color any silicone hose for effortless identification, and always offer the standard colors red, blue, and black.

Collaborate with Flex Tech to discover a silicone hose product that’s right for you!

At Flex Tech, we can help you find a silicone hose that is perfect for your industry, providing solutions to all the application requirements you may face — from operating temperatures and flow rates to different media and conductivity needs.

Silicone hoses are not a one-size-fits-all application, so it’s important you implement a hose that can withstand all the unique needs of your industry.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our customized silicone hose products!