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Why Silicone is Your Material of Choice for Purity


Silicone is now defined as a hybrid material between a synthetic (man-made) rubber and a synthetic plastic polymer. Originally considered a rubber, it is made from siloxane, or a colorless oil. You'll find silicone as the primary ingredient in many items that we use everyday, including silicone tubing and hoses, sealants, lubricants, cooking utensils, and electrical insulation. Flex Technologies has been a leader in the silicone tubing and hoses industry since 2003. Our mission is to offer high-performing and long-lasting tubes and hoses that you can rely on for your industry uses. Below, we'll take a look at some of the reasons that silicone is your material of choice for purity. Shop our selection today! 

Inherent Purity 

Due to the nature of the materials that silicone is made from (quartz sand), it offers inherent purity. Not a lot of substances can stick to it once it's been developed and manufactured. Silicone also has other additives and stabilizers that help it have the amazing properties and characteristics that it is known as, such as incredible strength and durability. 


Again, thanks to the source materials that silicone is made from, it is extremely flexible. This flexibility is one reason it is used in so many industries and applications, including automotive, home brewers, manufacturing, and the medical industry. Its flexibility reinforces its purity because it's extremely hard for materials to be trapped inside it. 

Ease of Sterilization 

Silicone materials are non-staining, non-toxic, and are really easy to clean. The silicone material maintains stability at high temperatures, making it able to withstand the high temperatures needed in the sterilization process. You'll find silicone used in rubber tubing for medical purposes, emergency defibrillator kits and cases, and silicone gaskets and plugs. 

Biological Inertness 

Having the property of inertness means that the material won't affect chemical, physiological, or immunological processes. While some silicone was blasted in the past (such as silicone breast implants) for leaking through its envelope, improvements have been made, and silicone today is considered inert. 


Silicone is biocompatible due to the repeating patterns of its structure. The patterns cause silicone to be extremely stable and insoluble when it comes to body fluids. Silicone elastomers have low glass-transition temperatures. In addition, silicone has high permeability to gasses and many drugs, helping in wound care and drug delivery. Finally, silicone materials have low surface tension and superb chemical stability, allowing for biocompatibility and biodurability with long-term implant devices. 


Silicone and the compounds it is made from have the ability to maintain their flexibility over a wide temperature range, enabling them to withstand various types of conditions used in medical processes, from cold storage to steam autoclaving. It's resistant to temperature changes, which is a must for purity applications. 

Kink and Pressure Resistant 

Because silicone is such a flexible material, it is resistant to kinks and pressure. Its molecular structure can be molded, but will move back into place when warranted. It's pressure resistant, which is important in pure uses and purposes, such as medical machinery and the like. 


The molecular structure is what makes silicone so stable. It has an Si-O (silicone and oxygen) bond very similar to silicon dioxide (silica). It is larger than other chemical bonds, giving it its characteristic strength. This differs from so many other bonds that are carbon to carbon. 


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