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​Your Guide to Classic Car Hose Replacements


Keep your classic car in great shape with silicone hoses from Flex Technologies!

When it comes to your classic car, the details matter. From a sound mechanical system to an engine that sounds like a symphony of revs and purrs, you understand the importance of its maintenance. And because it’s classic, car parts are bound to dry up and succumb to decades of wear and tear, which is why replacing hoses is all a part of its upkeep.

Improve your classic car’s performance with silicone hoses from Flex Technologies. Learn more about routine hose maintenance and replacement in today’s post.

Keeping An Eye On Your Hoses

Routine car maintenance is second nature for classic car owners because most are tinkerers and classic car enthusiasts that enjoy working on their car. If there is something you can improve, you’ll do it — along with all of the other regular car maintenance that comes with ownership.

Why inspect your car’s hoses? Checking your car’s hoses should be just another step in your routine maintenance — it’s that important to the performance and integrity of your car. Wear and tear of hoses doesn’t happen overnight, but over time, they slowly degrade. A worn hose can lead to overheating issues that can escalate into larger car problems or leave you stranded on the road in the middle of nowhere.

Routinely inspecting your hoses and keeping an eye on them when you’re under the hood is good for maintaining the efficiency of your classic car.

Spotting Potential Hose Issues

When you’re examining your car’s hoses, look for any real-time leaks where liquids are seeping out. This could be in your antifreeze hose, but any hoses that need to be replaced will typically be mushy, distended, and soft. Alternatively, any hoses that are dried out, brittle, and hard also need to be replaced.

When you’re under the hood feel your hoses to get an idea of its condition as you squeeze and bend them, in addition to looking for cracks in the middle and at the end of the hose. If a hose is questionable but you’re not sure if you should swap it out, you probably should replace it.

Car hoses generally have a pretty long lifespan and only need to be replaced every five years or so, however, every make and model of classic car, weather conditions, and the quality of hose you use will determine the longevity you get.

Purchasing The Right Hose For Your Classic Car

While there are many manufacturers of car hoses, Flex Technologies have all the silicone hoses you’re looking for! From fuel line hoses to radiator and coolant hoses, we can customize a silicone hose to your exact specifications.

Why choose silicone for your classic car hoses? Silicone is the top material to use for car hoses because of its versatility. It’s supple and flexible and can handle extreme temperatures and different liquids while maintaining its integrity. Many classic car owners are making the switch to silicone hoses due to their longevity. They last much longer than traditional rubber hoses and don’t dry out, rot, or become brittle.

The silicone hose engineers at Flex Technologies will work one-on-one with you to craft a hose that is ideal for your classic car, for a tailored fit that will improve the performance and integrity of your car.

If you don’t need a custom silicone hose for your classic car, we carry a large variety of other hoses for your car too. Before committing to an air cooler hose or silicone elbow hose it’s important to know the size you need before you replace it. 

Measuring the length and interior diameter of the hose you need to replace is a great starting point. Heater hoses come in a variety of diameters and are sold by the foot. It’s also important to measure every hose you need to replace because though they may appear to be the same size, chances are, they’re slightly different.

Beyond Silicone Hoses For Your Car

When you replace hoses in your car, you may also want to consider replacing the hose clamps because over time they tend to corrode and weaken which can be an issue because they’re what help keep your hoses securely in place. Avoid using cheap hose clamps and invest in high-quality stainless steel T-bolt clamps.

If you’re replacing your hoses with a buddy, it’s important to stay safe and healthy. Get PPE products from Flex Technologies — we have KN95 masks and surgical masks available.

Replace Car Hoses With Flex Technologies

Car hose replacement is integral to the longevity of your classic car, and if they haven’t been replaced in the last five years or so, now is the time. Maintain the performance of your car with silicone hoses from Flex Technologies. Silicone is durable, long-lasting, and fully compatible with all the changing conditions of your classic car.

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