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5 Important Silicone Hose Considerations For Food And Beverage Processing


Have you ever stopped to think about where your food and beverages come from?

If you’re in the food and beverage processing industry, of course you have! It’s first and foremost on your mind during your workdays. Much of the rest of the world, however, simply trusts that the food items and drinks purchased at the grocery store come pure, uncontaminated, and safe.

As someone with the responsibility to manufacture consumables that are both safe and appetizing, you know that A LOT of thought, planning, engineering, and design go into processing. Let’s review some of these important considerations. In particular, let’s see how silicone hoses factor into the equation.

The Equipment Can’t Degrade Quality

If you’ve ever opened a beverage container and taken that first sip only to be sorely disappointed at the lack of flavor or the strange aftertaste, you know that quality is essential when it comes to drinks. Such is the case with food, too. If you open a package and neither the flavor nor the aroma are up to your expectations, it’s a disappointing experience, to say the least.

The equipment and hoses used in food and beverage production can’t interfere with quality. On the contrary, hoses must maintain the quality and integrity of the ingredients being processed. Silicone hoses are a good choice because they are relatively inert. They hold up well in high and low temperatures, and they do not adhere to the materials passing through them, leading to the ability to maintain high levels of quality in the end product.

Hose Material Must Not Leach Into The Food Or Beverages

Some hose materials can potentially leach into the ingredients that are being processed, but not silicone hoses. Because they’re inert in a wide range of environments, under many different conditions, they are an ideal choice for the food and beverage industries.

These are just some of the applications and locations that benefit from the use of inert silicone hoses that hold up well without degrading or decomposing into the ingredients being processed:

  • Breweries
  • Wineries
  • Food processing plants
  • Food-grade products dispensing
  • Beverage dispensing machines
  • Water treatment and distribution plants
  • Water bottling companies
  • Juice and other beverage manufacturers
  • Filtration systems

The silicone hoses that come into contact with the products processed at these types of places must hold up well under the rigors associated with factory production, and they must also comply with sanitary standards and regulations.

The Nutritional Value Must Be Upheld

Another important consideration when processing comestibles and drinkables is the ability to uphold the nutritional value of the product. Silicone hoses can do this by protecting the ingredients flowing through them from degradation. Being relatively inert, silicone hoses will not alter the presence of vitamins and minerals in the food because the tubing material won’t interact with the contents flowing through these hoses.

Contaminants Can’t Enter The Production Stream

Silicone hoses create a sealed barrier to the outside world, which means that contaminants won’t accidentally enter into a food or beverage processing system that has been designed properly and built correctly. Silicone material itself is not porous, so external impurities are kept away from the processing streams.

Safety Must Always Come First

When manufacturing, treating, or processing products that will be consumed, safety has to come first. There is no room for error in this department! You have to ensure that what you’re producing or treating will not harm anyone in any way. Because silicone hoses are inert, form an effective barrier, are resistant to temperature fluctuations, and can safely come into direct contact with foods and drinks without contaminating them, they are a great choice for maintaining high levels of consumer safety.

When You Need Silicone Hoses For Any Of Your Applications

At Flex Technologies, we provide top-quality silicone hoses to many different clients across all types of industries, including food and beverage processing. We’ve helped many of our clients design safe, effective processing solutions utilizing the right silicone hose parts and attachments. Our technical team has the knowledge to help clients find the right off-the-shelf parts for their specific applications.

What’s more, we’re able to customize solutions when you have especially challenging requirements and exact specifications must be met. For all your food and beverage processing needs where there is no room for error, turn to Flex Technologies, the silicone hose manufacturer and supplier you can trust.