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A Roundup Of Silicone Hose Uses: 29 Great Applications! (Part 1)


In Part 1 of our two-part roundup, we cover 14 fabulous uses for our quality silicone hose and tubing products.

Stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon, where we share 15 additional great uses for our standard and custom silicone hose solutions. For the first set of great applications, read on!

1. Medical Settings And Health Clinics

Because silicone hoses resist microbial growth, they are suitable for a wide variety of clinical settings. Whether at a dental office, a health spa, a hospital, or a clinic where minor surgical procedures are done on a regular basis, silicone provides a clean, safe option. It lends itself well to maintaining a tidy environment, and it’s easy to clean, too.

2. Kitchens And Restaurants

For the same reasons that we covered above, silicone hoses and tubing are great for kitchen settings. From coffee shops to mom-and-pop restaurants, and from gourmet kitchens to casual dining chains, silicone hoses can be a safe, integral part of your food processing equipment in the kitchen.

3. Food Processing Plants

Which brings us to facilities dedicated to processing foods we know and love! Many of your favorite brands are processed in large facilities dedicated to mixing just the right ingredients to consistently produce the foods you buy and enjoy. Silicone hoses feature in these facilities because they help maintain safety, keeping contaminants out and quality in.

4. Water Filtration Systems

Another area where contaminants must be kept out of the supply is water filtration. Millions of lives depend on clean, safe drinking water, whether from municipalities or from bottling companies. Silicone hoses make a safe choice for water filtration.

5. Beverage Processing

What about the assorted bottled and boxed beverages we like to drink? From the juices boxes kids enjoy to the soft drinks and juices almost everyone enjoys from time to time, as well as beers, wine coolers, and other alcoholic beverages, contaminants have to be kept out while quality is preserved; Flex Tech’s silicone hoses and tubing products are up to the task!

6. Making Pharmaceuticals

People of all ages rely on medicines being manufactured correctly, on these medicinal products being safe to consume, and on quality control being in place to avoid any cross contamination. With the color coding availability of silicone hoses, and thanks to these hoses’ strength and durability, they make a fine choice for facilities that make pharmaceuticals.

7. Preparing Cosmetics And Personal Care Products

When you apply makeup, do you think about what’s in the products you put on your skin? What about when you rub sunscreen, moisturizer, or lotion on? Most people don’t think twice about applying their favorite skincare products on. The fact that we don’t spend a lot of time giving it much thought is a testament to the high level of quality inherent in the making of these products. Silicone hoses can be used to safely prepare cosmetics and personal care formulas.

8. Assorted Home Projects

Are you a builder or a tinkerer? There are so many ways to use silicone hoses and tubing for your home projects. Here’s a partial list:

  • Home remodeling and room additions
  • Backyard or front-yard aquascaping
  • Specialty car engines
  • Home invention projects
  • Small-scale beverage production
  • Anything you can dream up!

9. Aquatic Applications

Because silicone hoses are water resistant, and because they maintain their integrity in a wide range of temperature and pressure conditions, they are suitable for aquatic applications. They work well in everything from boat engines to offshore oil rigs, as well as in submarines. Closer to home, they’re good for hydroponic gardening, backyard ponds, and indoor aquariums.

10. Your Backyard

Yard projects can be fun and relatively inexpensive when you use silicone hoses! Possible uses include watering systems, greenhouses, summer splash zones for kids of all ages, jungle gyms, water features, and more!

11. A Variety Of Creative Projects

We’ve touched upon some creative projects you can incorporate our products into. Others include:

  • Seasonal haunted houses
  • Animatronics
  • Escape room businesses
  • Backyard heating and cooling systems
  • Ball launchers and other contraptions to keep your kids and dogs entertained!

12. Clean Rooms

In everything from bioresearch labs to electronics assembly centers, clean rooms must be speckless to preserve the integrity of the product from start to finish. Because silicone hoses do not leach and are easy to wash, they are a good option for clean rooms of all types.

13. A Range Of Manufacturing And Processing Plants

We’ve only scratched the surface of the wide range of possibilities in manufacturing and processing! Whether your facility manufacturers cars, television sets, kitchen products, toys, or anything else, you can use silicone hoses as part of the manufacturing equipment to keep your costs down.

14. Coffee, Tea, And Other Hot Drinks

You can also find silicone tubing in places that make and serve your favorite hot beverage. It can be found in commercial and residential coffee makers and tea brewers!

Tune In Next Time!

We’ve reached the end of today’s blog. We’ll be back soon with 15 more great uses for silicone hoses. If you would like to learn more about our quality products and how they can be used in your applications, get in touch with Flex Tech today.