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Common Vehicular Silicone Hose Applications


Did you know that we carry over 2000 custom silicone hose designs? Since 2003, we’ve been building up our repertoire with myriad projects. When you are looking for a silicone tube manufacturer that embodies quality, value, and experience, we are of the (correct) opinion that Flex Technologies Inc. is an excellent choice to be your long-term supplier for all things silicone hose-related. We mentioned the number of custom silicone hose designs we have in our back pocket above, but the fact is that even if we don’t have experience building the exact product you are looking for, we are more than capable of making any kind of custom shape you can imagine.

As it turns out, this is quite often the case, as many of our customers are working on completely unique projects that necessitate precision fits for the hose. All it takes is you submitting a CAD drawing or even a PDF file for us to create an all-new design for you. We have an in-house engineering department filled with experienced consultants who are more than happy to assist you with the process if you could use some support. Some of the most popular custom hoses our customers ask for include:

  • Custom radiator / coolant hose
  • Custom heater hose
  • Custom silicone hose couplers / pipe connectors
  • Custom silicone tube reducers
  • Custom silicone hose colors
  • Custom turbo silicone hose

Vehicular Applications For Silicone Hoses

All the way back in November of 2016, we wrote a bit about some unique uses for silicone hoses. Among them were auto detailing, home brewers, dairies and milking machines with a vacuum pump, hookahs, and even fish aquariums. Silicone tubing has a footing in the beverage, biotech, pharmaceutical, food, and dairy industries — primarily to transport sensitive products.

Today’s post, however, is going to focus exclusively on vehicular applications for silicone hoses. Because the general market for silicone is growing, it follows that there will be additional opportunities for silicone to be used in more applications than ever. Because silicone, for hose usage and otherwise, is such a versatile, flexible, and durable material, it’s an industry that won’t be going anywhere any time soon. We are happy about that, naturally — so why don’t we celebrate by highlighting a few of the most common vehicular applications for silicone hoses.

  • Emissions Requirements - Most of us are aware that the requirements of emissions are becoming more and more strict as time goes by. The air has to be especially clean inside the engine bay. To accomplish this, engine bay temperatures have increased. Silicone hoses are an ideal solution for this kind of high-temperature environment because silicone can deal with temperature extremes.
  • Trucking - One of our largest customer bases comes from the heavy-duty trucking sector. Because commercial trucks require scheduled replacements of belts, hoses, and other parts that take a fair share of wear and tear, they will always need high-quality replacement hoses.
  • Sanitation - If you are looking for food-grade silicone hoses, we’ve got you covered. Clean water, beverages, and milk need to get transported somehow, and we have the ability to custom-make our hoses to your specifications here at Flex Tech.
  • Aerospace - Aerospace customers will typically be interested in wholesale orders — which we are happy to provide. The most common use? Silicone ducting is the most popular product when it comes to the process of transferring heated or cooled air.

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Of course, there are many other vehicular applications we haven’t had the time to highlight in today’s post. From off-highway elbows, couplers, and reducers to the wide variety of specialized industrial uses that are out there, the long and the short of it is that silicone hoses can solve a range of fluid-transfer issues. For a great price on premium silicone hoses, shop Flex Tech