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More Reasons To Use Silicone Hoses In Extreme Applications!


They Make Great Industrial Hoses

There are countless industrial applications where hoses are needed as part of the design. Manufacturing facilities of all types use pipes, tubing, and hoses; for these industrial systems, silicone hose is a great choice because it combines the best of all worlds!

For starters, silicone is strong. It is a durable synthetic material that holds up well under extremes, including temperatures that would be too high or too low for humans. Silicone hoses tolerate these temperature extremes without degrading.

Another great thing about this type of tubing is that it’s highly flexible. This means that silicone is an excellent option when you need industrial hoses that can be routed around different equipment and machinery without breaking. I think we can all agree that strength and flexibility make a great combination!

Ideal For All Types Of Engines

Engines frequently make effective use of silicone hoses and tubing. Whether it’s a race car engine, an airplane engine, or the engines that propel heavy diesel trucks across long distances, silicone is ideal for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Silicone hoses are strong and durable, making them a long-lasting choice for engines.
  • Because they’re bendable, they can be fitted into small, cramped spaces.
  • This synthetic material can withstand the high temperatures found inside engine compartments.
  • Silicone hoses can come in different colors, making it easier to differentiate between them.

Silicone Hoses Are Resistant To Environmental Hazards

A number of materials degrade under different environmental conditions. For example, the sun’s rays (including ultraviolet radiation) can break down certain materials over time. Ozone, ultra-high heat, high humidity, and extreme cold can damage some hoses; however, silicone hoses stand up well to these environmental extremes, making them an ideal choice!

Quality Silicone Hoses And Tubing

They Can Be Customized

Can’t find the right part for your application? No problem; silicone hoses can be custom-made to fit your specifications. If you can’t find the industrial hose that you need in the right length, thickness, diameter, or configuration, we at Flex Tech will be happy to customize the right silicone part for you. Just contact us and talk with our technical team, and we can get started with your project so you don’t have to hold up your process with needless searching.

Different Colors To Choose From

As we mentioned in an earlier section, silicone hoses come in various colors, so if this is important to your extreme industrial application, know that we’ve got you covered in this sense as well. Our silicone hoses and tubing come standard in red, blue, or black, and we can supply hoses in custom colors as well, if you prefer.

Contact Flex Tech Today

Now that you know why silicone hoses are a great choice in extreme applications, contact us to get the dialogue started. As a leading silicone hose supplier, Flex Tech is the answer to your where to buy silicone tubing and hoses questions. What’s more, we work closely with our clients to make sure you get just what you need for your design. Contact us today!