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Silicone And Food: Why They Go Well Together


Silicone is used in everything from car engines to manufacturing facilities for a number of great reasons. Silicone performance hoses are known for both quality and affordability. In today’s blog, we want to focus on why silicone tubing and hoses are right for any food processing applications. Read on to learn why silicone and food go well together, including in a manufacturing setting.

Silicone Is Safe For Food Applications

Not every material works well with food ingredients, but silicone is one of those that does. It’s no surprise, then, that you’ll find silicone extensively in the kitchen in such products as bakeware, cookware, and miscellaneous utensils, including ladles and spatulas.

Because it’s safe to bring food and silicone in proximity to each other, tubing and hoses made from this material work well in food processing plants. Food hygiene is paramount so that your final product is safe for consumption. Processing plants that use silicone hoses can maintain a high degree of sanitation that’s required when making food products.

It Does Not Leach Into Foods

One of the great properties of silicone is that it is stable across a wide range of temperatures. It will not leach into the ingredients flowing through tubing and hoses made from silicone. This property makes silicone a suitable choice, since it will not contaminate ingredient streams that need to be kept ultra clean and free from impurities.

What’s more, silicone hoses offer excellent sealing capabilities, keeping any external contaminants out of the food ingredients and products being processed. Think of silicone as a protective wall against possible pollutants from the outside world. In other words, with food processing, purity is a must, and silicone hoses can make this a reality.

It Can Maintain Ingredients At The Right Temperatures

Because silicone is stable across both low and high temperatures, it makes great high-temp silicone tubing for food processing applications. When it’s important to maintain ingredients at a specific temperature to keep them from degrading, or to enable mixing and processing for the final product to have the right texture, consistency, and flavor, silicone is the right choice. It has the ability to perform well even at the high temperatures often required for preparing the processed foods that consumers trust and enjoy.

Silicone Is Affordable

In every industry and with every business, cost is a very real consideration. Another great thing about silicone is that it is highly affordable. When you use silicone tubing, you don’t need as much metal, which will continue to go up in price as it becomes harder to mine and scarcer in general. Your processing stations will be more streamlined and less expensive to build and maintain the more that you incorporate silicone hoses into your assemblies.

Silicone Solutions For Your Food Processing Needs

Why Add Silicone Hoses To Your Processing Plant

We’ve already covered affordability, high temp compatibility, purity, and safety. What other reasons are there to add silicone hoses to your food processing plants? We’ve listed a few other important ones here.

  • Adaptability: Silicone hoses and tubing can be easily incorporated into your industrial plant designs and mixed with other components, including metal, rubber, and other plastics.
  • Flexibility: Because silicone is flexible, tubing can be used when you need a high degree of flexibility within your assemblies.
  • Durability: Silicone is known for its strength, which means it will last you a long time before you have to switch out parts.
  • Strength: Its strength means it can withstand the demands of a rugged industrial environment.
  • Maintainability: Cleaning silicone hoses and tubing is easy, and when it comes time to swap out parts, new ones are both cost effective and easy to locate.

To Learn More, Contact Flex Tech

Ready to learn more about how performance silicone hoses can meet your food processing needs? Get in touch with Flex Tech, your knowledgeable silicone hose manufacturer and provider. We can even customize solutions for you.

Our technical teams know silicone hoses inside and out. If you have special requirements, whether needing to meet temperature extremes or to create connections that will hold under high pressures, we can help you with your designs. We at Flex Tech are much more than a provider of high-quality, affordable performance hoses. We will serve as consultants to help you create the solutions that are right for your particular application.

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