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Silicone Hoses And Aviation: What You Need To Know


Do airplanes and silicone hoses go together? What about satellites and silicone tubing? In a wide range of designs and applications, the answer is a resounding yes, and we’ll explain why in today’s blog!

In Airplane Engines

Airplane engines need to work without fail. Unlike engines on the ground where a failure can be more forgiving, an airplane engine is not allowed to fail, or in the rare event that it does, the backup engine must work.

Silicone hoses and tubing are used in airplane engines because of their reliability and dependability. Silicone hoses are strong, which means they can hold up in the high-vibration and high-speed operating conditions of aircraft engines.

These hoses also perform well under extreme weather conditions, making them the right choices for flying machinery at high elevations where temperatures drop quickly.

In Other Aircraft Systems

These hoses are suitable for other airplane systems as well, for the reasons explained above as well as a few others. One main reason they work so well in aircraft systems is that they can withstand the changes in pressure that are experienced as the plane flies to different elevations. Our silicone hoses handle these pressure changes easily.

We want to point out that silicone hoses can be used in helicopters and gliders, too. Contact us to learn more!

In Satellites

What’s more, silicone hoses can easily be clamped into place so that they do not move or slip away. This makes them a great choice for space exploration probes and satellites. Once they are put into place, there shouldn’t be an issue with the hoses or tubing being jostled out of place.

Add to this reason what we’ve already discussed for aircraft applications, namely, the reliable performance under high-vibration, high-speed environments, the ability to withstand cold and heat extremes, and the ability to remain intact under varying pressures, and you have a great design component for a wide range of space and satellite applications.

Ask Flex Tech About Your Design

Before you finalize your design, we’d love to talk with you to see if what you’re building will work well with our hoses. We will let you know which silicone hoses and tubing products are best for your particular application, and if there are any concerns, we can usually customize a solution.

Many of our clients collaborate with us on their unique designs, and together, we come up with the best possible configurations that fit within their budgets.

If you’d like to learn more about how silicone hoses can feature in your aircraft and space applications, reach out to the knowledgeable technical team at Flex Tech today!