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The Benefits of Fluorolined Silicone Hoses


Beyond the standard traditional silicone hose!

Silicone hoses support a broad array of industries and applications — from medical and food and beverage to automotive and industrial manufacturing — that makes much of our modern world more functional.

Silicone is the standard material in many industries because of its dynamic properties. It’s chemical resistant, flexible, and can withstand extreme temperatures, among many other things.

At Flex Technologies we create and manufacture USA-made silicone hoses, but what we engineer goes beyond your typical silicone hose. Learn more about fluorolined and fluorosilicone hoses in today’s post.

The Need For Fluorolined Silicone

Silicone is one of the most versatile materials which is why it’s widely used. Flex Technologies not only crafts high-quality silicone hoses, but we take it one step further to include even more industries by manufacturing fluorolined silicone hoses.

Why fluorosilicone? Fluorosilicone elevates the application of standard silicone hoses and makes them even more versatile for greater chemical resistance. Fluorosilicone technology combines fluorine and carbon that cultivates an influential chemical bond, heightening its properties in heat-resistance, strength, stability, and durability.

The properties of fluorosilicone are essential to the function of everyday products and applications by both companies and consumers.

Fluorosilicone For Everyday Use

Fluorolined silicone hoses and the implementation of fluorotechnology span industries and makes so many products and applications possible. We’ve explored the role of fluorosilicone in the automotive industry, so let’s continue our exploration and uncover where else fluorotechnology is used.

Outdoor Apparel & Equipment

Not only are silicone hoses implemented in the sports and recreation industry for hydration products, but fluorosilicone is also used in outdoor apparel and equipment to create breathable materials and resilient finishes that provide efficient and effective stain, water, abrasion and oil resistance, as well as soil release for a myriad of products.

First Responders

Fluorosilicone protects first responders in materials used in safety gear and on the front line in firefighting foams that are applied to flammable liquid fires.

Alternative Energy

Without fluorosilicone, lithium batteries, solar panels, and fuel cells would all be rendered useless. This material enables these products, which support reduced energy costs and emissions.

Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace and defense industry implements a variety of custom fluorocarbon silicone hose products for their chemical and heat resistance, in addition to low- and high-temperature brake and hydraulic fluids for aircraft control, wire and cable insulation, and more.


Fluorotechnology supports those on the front line with high-barrier skin protection equipment and apparel utilized in extreme environments including chemical warfare agents.


Commercial buildings are built with longevity in mind, and fluorosilicone improves UV resistance, anti-corrosion, and the overall durability to lengthen the lifespan of building surfaces and facades.

Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Fluorosilicone can be paired with medical-grade silicone products for the gold standard in chemical and pharmaceutical applications. This type of silicone hose provides corrosion-resistance and sterile environments to a variety of hoses, coatings, linings, and equipment.


The role of silicone is used in a myriad of medical devices such as IVs, implantable devices, orthopedics, and prosthetics, and fluorosilicone, specifically, is widely used in the healthcare environment in CRT, PET, and MRI imaging, in addition to pacemakers and defibrillators. It is even implemented in divider curtains for its ability to protect against infections and diseases.

Incorporating Fluorosilicone Into Your Industry

At Flex Technologies, not only do we manufacture ready-to-ship and customized silicone hoses for businesses, but we can create a fluorosilicone product to be used in your industry. Our engineers can work with you to better support your industry and transform how you do business.

For more information on how to get started on a custom fluorosilicone product, contact Flex Technologies today!